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Entrepreneurship Program Overview

  • Associate Degree
  • 2 Years
  • Main Campus - Ironwood or Fully Online


Entrepreneurship education at Gogebic Community College is designed to help prepare students for effective new venture creation and management. Students interested in Entrepreneurship will study the needs of new and emerging ventures and existing businesses. Students pursuing Entrepreneurship are challenged to pursue development of their own business ideas and opportunities and will develop their own business plan.  

Unique Features

  • Students will work closely with their academic advisor to create a customized degree plan to fit their personal needs and the specific needs of their type of venture  


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Courses at Gogebic

Prefix Title Credits
COL 102 College and Career Success 1
ACC 150 OR ACC 201 Accounting I OR Principles of Accounting I 4
ENG 101 OR ENG 105 English Composition I OR Technical English 3
MTH 100 or higher or BUS 100 MTH 100 or higher or BUS 100 3-4
BUS 101 Introduction to Business 3
Prefix Title Credits
ACC 151 OR ACC 202 Accounting II OR Principles of Accounting II 4
BUS 161 Microsoft Essentials 4
BUS 203 Business Communications 3
Social Science OR Humanities Electives Social Science OR Humanities Elective 3-4
Business Electives Business Electives 3
Prefix Title Credits
BUS 204 Business Law 3
BUS 210 Marketing 3
Business Electives Business Electives 9
Prefix Title Credits
BUS 200 Professionalism 1
BUS 215 Entrepreneurship 3
Business Electives Business Electives 11
Total Credits: 61-63

Additional Information

Business electives include any course with the prefix ACC, BUS, CIT, CPL, ECO, HIT

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