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At Gogebic Community College, we are focused on learning but realize that learning does not apply only to our students. As an organization, we are learning to improve our methods and processes to better meet the needs of the community we serve. We recognize, as do our students, that learning requires openness, effort, interaction, self-reflection, risk taking, trial and error, and most of all the desire to improve and grow.

Gogebic Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, an independent corporation and one of two commission members of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA). The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) accredits degree-granting post-secondary educational institutions in the North Central region. Gogebic Community College has been an accredited institution since 1949. 

GCC is on the Standard Pathway accreditation model. This means that the college is no longer focused on action projects and writing a systems portfolio. Instead, GCC will create a living evidence file to demonstrate how the college is addressing the Five Criteria of Accreditation. This evidence file is maintained at all times and updated as needed. The Standard Pathway follows a ten-year cycle with comprehensive site visits from a peer review team in years four and ten. These site visits are meant to ensure that the college is meeting expectations for all Criteria for Accreditation, pursuing institutional improvement and complying with federal regulations. The year-ten evaluation leads to an action regarding the reaffirmation of the institution’s accreditation.

The Standard Pathway - Click here for Standard Pathway Information

The Standard Pathway seeks to achieve the following goals:

  • To enhance institutional value by focusing on quality assurance and institutional improvement.
  • To reduce the reporting burden on institutions by utilizing as much information and data as possible from existing institutional processes and collecting them in electronic form as they naturally occur over time.
  • To enhance rigor by checking institutional data annually and conducting Comprehensive Evaluations twice during a ten-year cycle.
  • To integrate as much as possible all HLC processes and HLC requests for data into the reaffirmation of accreditation cycle.

Criteria for Accreditation - Click here for Criteria for Accreditation

The Criteria for Accreditation are: Mission, Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct, Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources, and Support, Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement, and Resources, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness. By meeting these criteria, we demonstrate that we operate with integrity to ensure the fulfillment of our mission by way of processes that involve people from all areas of our campus. Gogebic will continue to be guided by HLC standards for quality improvement. 


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