Gogebic Community College

Sam the Samson

Gogebic Community College's Mascot

Sam the mascot

The age-old question remains…What ARE Samsons?

Samsons are tenacious creatures who roam the dense forest of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Surviving for ages in a harsh climate, Samsons are resilient and a force to be reckoned with. They live in communities that embrace diversity and can often be found rallying around each other when the need arises. Once believed to be mythical, Samsons have slowly been coming out of the woods and showing their faces to those who believe.

Sam is the BOLDEST of all the Samsons, which is why Gogebic Community College is now Sam’s home. Sam loves to learn and be around students who have similar traits – ruggedness, adaptability, ferocity, and courage. Until now, shyness kept Sam in the shadows, but learning to make the most of challenges, utilizing teamwork principles when accomplishing tasks, and honoring mental health and wellness helped Sam’s confidence be revealed.

Sam loves the outdoors and to try new things, including recently learning to ski at Mt. Zion, which is challenging for a creature with such big feet! Sam can often be found enjoying lunch at the Samsons Canteen, hanging out with friends at GCC sporting events, and traveling between the Ironwood campus and the Houghton Copper Country Center, getting to know why so many folks love the UP. You should know, Sam's favorite day of the year is Earth Day because it celebrates their birthplace!

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