About Gogebic


In 1930 an inspired group of school board members, school administrators, and educationally minded citizens gathered to shape the foundation for a junior community college in Ironwood. With the approval and support of district citizens, the Ironwood Junior College was first formed as part of the Ironwood Public Schools in 1932. In 1965 the community further endorsed the development of the Gogebic Community College District of Gogebic County.

As enrollments grew, the college was determined to replace its facilities on the third floor of L.L. Wright High School with a comprehensive campus. The City of Ironwood donated 150 acres near Mt. Zion, and with a gift of 90 Acres and the purchase of 20 additional acres, the campus site was established in 1966.

The Rutger Erickson Liberal Arts Center was completed and occupied in February, 1970. This general core academic building was constructed to become a focal point for future campus buildings. In the fall of 1973, the Carl Kleimola Technical Center was built to accommodate GCC's expanding career programs. At the same time, a condominium style housing complex was completed adjacent to the Mt. Zion Ski Area.

In 1991, the Jacob Solin Center for Business Education was constructed, adjoining the existing campus buildings. The Solin Center houses Business Education and Computer Science Programs, the Economic Development Office, and GCC's information management system operations. The Solin Center's advanced multimedia systems and highly integrated computer networks provide GCC students with leading-edge learning experiences essential for success in an increasingly technical work place.

The college's newest building, the David G. Lindquist Student Center, was built to enhance social, cultural, educational, and recreational resources for GCC students and the community and to accommodate GCC's athletic team events. The cafeteria, student lounge, and student organization offices, along with athletic facilities such as a gymnasium, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, weight room, walking track and aerobic areas, are all housed in the Lindquist Center.


We are a bold community of learners dedicated to building a better future in every endeavor, in every environment, in every way.


Gogebic Community College believes all individuals should have opportunities to prepare for active participation in the economic, domestic, political, aesthetic, and cultural affairs of the communities in which they live. This preparation includes:

  • The development of an increased ability to deal intelligently with the responsibilities of living in a rapidly changing global society;
  • The development of techniques for self-criticism, initiated intellectual curiosity leading to a poised, well rounded, and mentally, physically, and socially adjusted individual;
  • The understanding that education is a life long process and that the techniques and skills acquired in learning how to learn will be a life long benefit.



Consistent with the belief that the community college is the most readily available and often the only avenue to higher education, Gogebic Community College sets forth the following institutional purposes:

  • To ensure the maintenance of appropriate post-secondary education programs that meet the changing education needs of students, community and society;
  • To ensure institutional leadership in the promotion and support for economic development in the western region of the Upper Peninsula;
  • To ensure a baccalaureate-oriented curricula suitable for transfer to a four-year college or university;
  • To ensure occupational/career training for those students who wish to prepare for immediate employment upon completion of their program of study and for students who wish to upgrade their skills or be retrained in new areas;
  • To ensure students the opportunity to participate in a curriculum or in a sequence of developmental or advanced courses consistent with his/her individual needs and abilities;
  • To ensure a general education component with a variety of learning experiences within an academic framework;
  • To ensure continuing education/community service opportunities by utilizing college resources through a cooperative effort with individuals, civic groups, educational institutions, and other public or private organizations for specific benefit of the citizens of the college district;
  • To ensure guidance, counseling, advisement, and placement services to meet the personal, academic, social, and career needs of students;
  • To ensure student educational achievement and growth through appropriate, systematic, and periodic assessment.



Gogebic Community College is committed to providing an environment in which its students can be confident of receiving the highest quality instructional programs. Recognizing its responsibilities, Gogebic Community College offers assurance to its students, prospective employers, and transfer institutions that graduates shall have the basis for competent performance in their degree or certificate area.

The college has articulation agreements with a number of Michigan institutions. These agreements guarantee the transferability of the Associate Degree and of specific courses within the curriculum. Students following the direction of college counselors are assured of maximal transferability of earned credits.

Gogebic Community College will refund the tuition of any GCC graduate for any transfer course passed at GCC with at least a "C" grade* if that earned course credit does not transfer to a college or university within two years of graduating from GCC. Such classes must be listed as transferable on GCC's listing of transfer courses in the Dean of Student's Office.

Non-transferring students who earn a degree or certificate with a "C" average or better can be expected to perform competently in the area in which they were instructed. Any employer who views a Gogebic Community College graduate as not possessing appropriate entry-level skills and who can specify such deficiencies may request remediation. The student will be permitted to retake a specified course or courses without an additional tuition charge.

The college recognizes that unused skills decay rapidly. The assurance offered herein are made for individuals who transfer, or gain employment, within a year of receiving a degree or certificate.

*A grade of "C" minus may not qualify.