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Training Opportunities - Allied Health

Phlebotomy for Nurses – 6 hours – $80
Course is designed for RN to improve their Phlebotomy skills.
8 hours – $60 – Practical
For healthcare professionals who either direct or participate in the management of cardiopulmonary arrest or other cardiovascular emergencies for personnel in emergency response.
8 hours – $80
A course for Healthcare professionals who play a role in managing cardiac emergencies. Course will assist students in strengthening their EKG skills
10 hours – $80
Dementia and dementia care education for frontline workers that fosters sensitivity and respect for the dementia client through improved communication techniques, understanding of the disease, and development of sensitive caregiving techniques.
3 hours – $50
This course creates an immersive experience to help participants understand the challenges and strengths of people diagnosed with mental illness who hear distressing voices.
4 hours – $120
In the healthcare field, providing value to the patient is of utmost importance. Eliminating delays, overcrowding and frustration with the current ways of doing things are likely high on the priority list, as well. There is significant concern about making sure processes are being followed to the letter and at the right time.  A lean organization is one that is equipped with a growth strategy, a survival strategy and an improvement strategy.  Where goals to care for the patient with the highest degree of quality and efficiency can be achieved. 
In this class, you will learn about how to implement fundamental and practical lean strategies in your healthcare environment. The opportunities for lean in the healthcare field are endless.

  EMS Program Link

Medical First Responders
Medical First Responders provide immediate lifesaving care to critical patients who access the emergency medical services system. EMRs have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide immediate lifesaving interventions while awaiting additional EMS resources to arrive. Includes Books, Background Check, and Scrubs.

Industrial First Aid
Industrial First Aid expands on Medical First Responders training with application in the workplace setting. Includes Books, Background Check, and Scrubs.

Emergency Medical Technician Basic 
The EMT-Basic training will prepare students to provide care to patients in a variety of pre-hospital settings, and will cover safety, a variety of injuries, and assessment. State of Michigan approved curriculum. Includes Books, Background Check, and Scrubs.

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician
Perform medical interventions with the basic and advanced equipment located on an ambulance. Provide pre-hospital care.

RN to EMT Bridge
Course for healthcare professionals currently licensed as an RN in MI wanting to add EMT certification for work in Emergency Medicine.

Training Opportunities - Business

28 hours – $800 -  12 Hours ONLINE & 16 Hours IN-PERSON
Elevating the Culture (4 hours via Zoom) 
Resources are tight and options are limited, so finding the right team members, and then building a culture to keep them engaged for the long haul, is essential to your organization's survival and growth.  Costs for onboarding new employees are painfully high and the last thing you want is an endless repeat of the hiring cycle.  Join us to gain knowledge and skills to increase your employee retention and lower the turnover rate, which will gain a team that you can invest in and grow with.
Maximizing Through Put (4 hours via Zoom)
Once you have built your team, we can focus on maximizing the through put from your processes as a way to build capacity.  Learn how to see the flow that currently carries your products and information from beginning to end and how to identify constraints that throttle your capacity.
Optimizing Yield (4 hours via Zoom)
Once you are able to identify what your constraints are, you will definitely want to know what to do about them.  In this class, we will be focusing on learning ways to optimize your processes to reach the successful future state that you envisioned.  At the end of this class, we will discuss choosing an improvement project idea for your team to work on in the next workshop included in this series.
Implementing Workshop (8 hours on site)
In this workshop, you will be provided with on site coaching with your team to work through the project that you identified after the previous class in this series. The best way to truly realize the skills you've learned is to try them out in the real world, working on something that you and your team care about.  This is done while receiving guidance, instruction and facilitation of the process in your own environment to fully round out your learning experience. 
Evaluating, Adjusting and Sustaining Workshop (8 hours on site)
In this final installment of the Building Capacity series, you will again be provided with on site time with the coach.  In this workshop, we will analyze the progress of the project was implemented in the last workshop and evaluate, adjust where appropriate and solidify the changes up to retain the improvements long term. 
30 hours – $800 - 100% ONLINE
The tools and techniques used by quality professionals can seem out of reach and complicated to many.   There is no need to make it harder than it needs to be.  In this course, we will break down basic quality concepts in a straightforward and easily understand way.    You will walk away with many new skills and tools to make significant improvements in your everyday work and home life. 
You will learn about:
Root cause analysis and problem solving
Risk management
Lean manufacturing concepts
Process mapping
Process control
Quality audits
And more 
Individual sections are available as well.
30 hours – $800 - 100% ONLINE
Problems seem to torment us daily and if we don’t find the root causes and eliminate them, they will return repeatedly.  There’s nothing worse than having to spend the time, energy and money to solve the same problem over and over again.  Often, the root of the problem not readily apparent and the costs of not finding them can be excessive.  In this course, you will learn the identification and problem solving skills that you need to find the real sources of your troubles and remove them permanently.
We will learn about:
Identifying root cause
Human error and strategies to identify and prevent them
Managing risk
Process mapping
Facilitating problem solving in teams
Collecting data and how to use it to understand it when you do 
Individual sections are available as well