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GCC hires New Workforce Development Director



 [Ironwood, February 5, 2024] – Gogebic Community College (GCC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Monica Benson, of Ironwood, as the Director of Workforce Development who takes over from Glen Ackerman-Behr, current GCC Business Faculty. With a distinguished career spanning over two decades in Quality Assurance and Training, Monica brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new role. Monica also holds a Bachelor of Science degree from UW-Eau Claire. 

Monica has a proven record of guiding small manufacturing facilities toward surpassing their quality and business objectives. Her leadership has consistently ensured that products and processes adhere to the highest standards, optimizing production operations for enhanced efficiency and output. 

Some key highlights of her career include Quality Management Excellence: Monica has been pivotal in guiding quality management to uphold the highest standards, ensuring that products and processes meet and exceed industry benchmarks. Operational Optimization: She has a demonstrated ability to optimize production operations, resulting in increased efficiency and output for the organizations she has served. Strategic Contribution: Monica strategically aligns her efforts with overall company goals, ensuring that her work contributes to the organization's success. Team Development: Monica has a proven record of training, nurturing, and developing high-performing teams, emphasizing collaboration and transparency in her leadership approach. 

Monica's ability spans various domains, including lean manufacturing, quality, and third-party registrations. She takes pride in her ability to tackle complex issues and challenges, offering clear and actionable advice to improve performance. 

"I am thrilled to join Gogebic Community College as the Director of Workforce Development. I look forward to leveraging my experience and skills to contribute to the success of our stakeholders by providing quality training and workforce development," said Benson. 

Monica's leadership style emphasizes transparency and collaboration, making it easier for teams to understand and implement quality improvements. Her commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with Gogebic Community College's mission to foster a dynamic and innovative learning environment. 

"We are delighted to welcome Monica to GCC. Her extensive experience in Quality Assurance and workforce development will undoubtedly enhance our ability to deliver critical training for our stakeholders," said Chris Patritto, GCC President. 

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Benson is eager to connect with the community to discuss how her wealth of experience and skills can contribute to the continued success of regional stakeholders. For inquiries or to schedule a meeting, please contact Ms. Benson at (906) 307-1316 or monicab@gogebic.edu. Monica’s office is on the lower level of the Jacob Solin Center for Business Education, suite B-023, on the GCC Campus in Ironwood. Also, visit the workforce development webpage at gogebic.edu/community/workforce.html.  

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