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Award Terms and Conditions

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This information explains the terms and conditions under which you are eligible to receive financial aid a Gogebic Community College. As a student receiving financial aid, you are certifying that you agree to the following terms and conditions and that you understand your rights and responsibilities herein. Please read this carefully and thoroughly.  In each statement, “I,” “me” or “my” refers to you, the student.

  • By accepting all or a part of the financial aid award granted by GCC, I agree to use all federal, state, and institutional financial aid received only for educational expenses at GCC.
  • I understand that class attendance is mandatory for all types of financial aid. If I am unable to attend my courses for any reason, it is my responsibility to drop/withdraw from the courses and return all unearned financial aid.
  • I understand that policies and procedures may change during the course of an award year as the result of regulatory changes.
  • I understand that all financial aid is contingent upon my continued eligibility. GCC reserves the right to review and adjust or cancel any financial aid award at any time due to changes in my status or the availability of funding.
  • I understand that a change in residency status or enrollment status may affect eligibility for financial aid. Enrollment status includes non-attendance, ineligible classes, dropping, adding, or withdrawing or from a course(s).
  • I agree to the policies, procedures, and other requirements regarding Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress and Return of Title IV Funds.
  • I will promptly notify the Office of Admissions of any change in name, address, phone number, and/or program of study.
  • I will promptly notify the Office of Student Financial Aid of any financial assistance received from sources outside of the GCC Office of Student Financial Aid.
  • I understand I may not receive financial aid from more than one institution during a given term.
  • I understand that there are federal annual limits on the Pell Grant and Federal Direct Loans. If I attend more than one institution in any given academic year, my eligibility may be affected by aid received at those institutions. I agree to provide proof of aid used at my prior institutions.
  • I may have my financial aid application reviewed upon request if there has been a significant change in my family situation. I will be prepared to submit documentation proving these extenuating circumstances. I understand that such requests will be reviewed on an individual basis and may not affect my financial aid eligibility.
  • I must supply accurate information on all forms submitted to the Office of Student Financial Aid. Funds obtained on the basis of false or misleading information must be repaid and could result in criminal prosecution, prison sentence, and/or a $20,000 fine pursuant to U.S. Criminal Code.
  • I understand that if I decide not to attend GCC, it is my responsibility to officially drop my courses and/or decline any aid offered. Failure to do so could result in outstanding charges owed by me to GCC and/or federal financial aid programs.
  • I agree to regularly check my student-issued email account. I understand that email is the official communication with GCC. I am responsible for all communications sent to me through this address.



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