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Click the Button below to be directed to the GCC Virtual Bookstore. 

Virtual Bookstore

Using Financial Aid for Bookstore Purchases

All registered students are allowed to charge textbooks and supplies in the GCC Bookstore if you have financial aid remaining after tuition, fees and housing (if staying in campus housing) have been deducted. These funds should only be used to purchase books and supplies required for the classes you are enrolled in. These funds are NOT to be used to purchase multiple copies of the same textbook during a single semester. Financial aid funds are intended for purchases made by you, the student, and should never be used to purchase textbooks or supplies for other students, staff or faculty members.

You are not required to purchase books through the GCC Bookstore.  If eligible, your expense check will reimburse you for your book costs if you decide to purchase your books through another source.

Allowable purchases can include

textbooks and supplies,
  • one book bag per academic year,
  • software required for classes,
  • one computer or tablet every three years,
  • required uniforms,
  • required tools, and
  • one calculator per academic year.
Items not approved for purchase with financial aid funds include, but are not limited to, apparel, food, candy, beverages, gift items and prepaid cards.

You must

  • register for classes and have a credit balance on your account,
  • present a photo ID to the cashier at the time of checkout, and
  • sign the Bookstore authorization receipt.

You are also able to purchase books online through the GCC Bookstore using the credit balance on your account. You can choose to have your books shipped (a shipping fee will be applied) to you or pick up the books in the GCC Bookstore.

There are specific timeframes in which you are able to charge in the GCC Bookstore. You can begin charging to your account the first week in August for the fall semester. The begin date for charging for the spring semester is the first week in January.
The deadline date for bookstore charging is the second Friday of the semester. There will be no bookstore charging after these dates. Purchases after these dates need to be made with your financial aid refund check, if applicable, or your own personal resources.

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