tuition Refund Policy

A student who drops from a class on or before the fifth business day after the start of classes is entitled to a 100% refund of the tuition and fees. In the event a course is cancelled, all tuition and fees are refunded.
A student who drops from a class after the close of the fifth business day shall receive no refund. Refunds will not be issued to students based on non-attendance, absenteeism, or disciplinary reasons.

Tuition Refund Appeal

Students who withdraw from class after the official drop period due to mitigating circumstances may submit an appeal requesting a refund equivalent to the amount of tuition and fees paid in connection with the class(es) by completing the Tuition Refund Appeal. If the student is receiving financial assistance (sponsored billing, financial aid, veteran/military benefits), a tuition refund may not be issued due to program requirements.
Requests for a refund must be submitted using the Tuition Refund Appeal no later than the last day of the semester of the class involved. An appointed committee will review appeals within ten business days. After a decision has been reached, the student will be notified using the email provided on their Tuition Refund Appeal.
If a student’s Tuition Refund Appeal is granted and the student is a federal financial aid recipient, their financial aid may be reduced or removed and could result in a Return to Title IV (R2T4). This includes any financial aid overages that have been received and/or bookstore charges.
Submitting a Tuition Refund Appeal does not relieve a student from their current obligation to Gogebic Community College. A student is responsible for all charges accessed on their student account pending a decision. Any outstanding charges on the students account after the Tuition Refund Appeal has been processed is the student’s responsibility.