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Traditional Transfer Credits ● Non-Traditional Transfer Credits


At GCC we hope to maximize your previous credits and experiences as you explore your options to transfer. You may request that credits earned at another institution be transferred to Gogebic Community College. Your transcripts will be evaluated to determine which credits will transfer and which course requirements are fulfilled by those credits.

Credit is awarded based on the requirements of your program of study at Gogebic. Only courses where you earned a C or higher are transferable.

The Michigan Transfer Network allows students to view transfer course equivalencies between many Michigan colleges and universities. You can search for courses by sending institution (the institution where you completed the course) or by the receiving institution (the institution where you plan to transfer the course). Can't find your course? Contact a participating institution.


Non-traditional Transfer Credits

We know you have prior life and academic experience. Talk to us! 

College course credit will be granted to students who participate in the Advanced Placement (AP) Program at their area high school and pass the Advanced Placement examinations with an appropriate score. Only those AP courses approved by Gogebic Community College faculty will transfer in as College credit.

Exam Score GCC Equivalent 
Calculus AB 4,5 MTH 150
3 May enroll in MTH 151, credit for MTH 150 awarded upon earning a grade of "C" or higher in MTH 151
Calculus BC 4,5 MTH 150 & 151
3 May enroll in MTH 152, credit for MTH 150 in MTH 151 awarded upon earning a grade of "C" or higher in MTH 152
Chemistry 3 CHM 151
Computer Science 3 CSC 101
Economics-Macro 3 ECO 201
Economics-Micro 3 ECO 202
English Language and Composition 3 ENG 101
English Literature 3 English Elective
European History 3 HST 101
French Language 3 Transfer Elective
German Elective 3 Transfer Elective
Government & Politics - Comparative 3 Social Science Elective
Government & Politics - US 3 PLS 101
Human Geography 3 GEG 111
Psychology 3 PSY 101
Statistics 3 MTH 211
United States History 3 HST201
World History History Elective

To receive Gogebic Community College articulated Michigan Careeer and Technical Education credit, please fill out the Student Application below.

  • To earn post-secondary credits, the secondary school instructor will certify that the student achievement and attendance within the articulated course is at or above the 80% level. This will be transcribed on the high school transcript as a grade of B or higher.
  • Application for postsecondary credit must be received within two years of the student’s high school graduation. Exceptions to this condition must be approved by the Vice President of Student Services and Athletics.
  • The student must have an official high school transcript on file at GCC to verify completion of the CTE coursework.
  • No tuition will be charged for any courses for which the student receives postsecondary/articulated credit.

By submitting this form I hereby certify that the information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I also acknowledge that it is my responsibility to make sure my official high school transcript is on file at GCC.


The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is administered by the CollegeBoard CLEP enables those who have reached the college level of education to assess the level of their academic achievement and to use the test results for college credit. Students planning to transfer to a university should consult that institution's CLEP policies before taking CLEP tests. Some institutions do not accept CLEP credits for some subjects, such as biology and chemistry.

Exam Minimum Score GCC Equivalent (Number of Credits) 
American Literature  50 ENG 211 or ENG 212 (3)
Calculus 50 MTH 150 (5)
College Algebra 50 MTH 110 (4)
College Mathematics 50 MTH 108 (4)
College Composition (modular not accepted) 50 ENG 101 (3)
Introductory Psychology 50 PSY 101 (3)
Principles of Macroeconomics 50 ECO 201 (3)
Principles of Microeconomics 50 ECO 202 (3)

Veterans who feel that training received in the military is applicable to their program of study may request that such training be evaluated for credit. The veteran must produce proper documentation that will be evaluated by the Transfer Coordinator based on the American Council on Education (ACE) credit recommendations. For more information, visit their web site at www.acenet.edu. Veterans planning to transfer from Gogebic Community College to another institution should be aware that the institution may not accept the credit for military training given by Gogebic, but will usually wish to re-evaluate the training documentation.

Regularly enrolled students may, in some subject areas, be able to earn credit for a course offered by the college by successfully completing a comprehensive examination or series of examinations.  Student who believe they have mastered a course through life experience, past training or intelligence may, at the discretion of the Division Chairperson, instructor and advisor, make application through the Office of the Registrar to take the examination if one has been developed in that subject area.

Students who wish to transfer credit from colleges and universities outside of the United States must have their foreign transcripts and credentials evaluated course-by-course by an independent international credential evaluation service, for which there is a cost.

Students may choose any NACES accredited evaluation service, for example, Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE) or World Education Services (WES). For a list of other evaluation services, go to the NACES website and click on “Membership” to view member companies. The evaluation must be sent directly from the evaluation service to Gogebic Community College Admissions.



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