Anonymous Incident Reporting

Our organization has entered into an arrangement with Ethical Advocate, a company providing leading edge, secure and easy to use technology for anonymous incident reporting.

We want to be the best organization possible and Ethical Advocate´s systems allow you to remain completely anonymous while communicating anything you believe needs to be brought to our attention, including incidents, feedback or suggestions. Having a third party provide an anonymous feedback and reporting mechanism is recommended by leading accounting, audit, and legal organizations. This tool allows all company employees to provide valuable feedback, comments, suggestions and alerts. Our success in improving communication, efficiency and deepening our culture as an ethically driven organization will be greatly assisted by how we effectively use this process.

It is important to point out that this web site does not replace the other methods you have traditionally used to communicate with us. When possible, please resolve issues through our existing administrative processes and/or supervisory management.

Please make sure to read the appropriate User´s Guide before submitting a report. By clicking on the appropriate link, you will be able to access information about how to use Ethical Advocate´s anonymous incident reporting procedures.

To report an incident via the internet, Ethical Advocate is located at The Ethical Advocate toll-free number to report an incident by phone is 1-866-400-2405. If you wish to remain anonymous, Ethical Advocate recommends connecting to the internet tool or placing phone calls from outside the Gogebic computer and phone network.

Thank you in advance for thoughts, feedback, or concerns you submit.