About Gogebic


What's behind our Name?

In 1930 an inspired group of school board members, school administrators, and educationally minded citizens gathered to shape the foundation for a junior community college in Ironwood. With the approval and support of district citizens, the Ironwood Junior College was first formed as part of the Ironwood Public Schools in 1932. Ironwood Junior College, now GCC, was initially established in 1932 and operated as part of the Ironwood Public School System. Housed on the third floor of the L.L. Wright High School, it opened its doors that September to approximately 188 students.

In 1938, the name was changed to Gogebic Junior College in recognition of annual financial support from the Gogebic County Board of Supervisors. And then in 1953, in accordance with Michigan statute that changed all "junior" colleges in the State to "community" colleges, the name was changed to Gogebic Community College.

After several years of intensive study and review, the proposition of reorganizing to a county-operated college was placed on the May 10, 1965 ballot. As a result, the College became an independent entity, apart from the Ironwood Public School system and became "The Gogebic Community College District of Gogebic County" with an elected Board of Trustees, with the control date established being July 1, 1966.

Building our Campus

Mt. Zion Location - The City of Ironwood donated 150 acres near Mt. Zion, and with a gift of 90 Acres and the purchase of 20 additional acres, the campus site was established in 1966.

Rutger Erickson Liberal Arts Center - 1969

  • Offices of the President and Vice President of Business Services
  • Gogebic Community College Foundation
  • Alumni Services and Institutional Development
  • Academic classrooms and laboratories
  • Lecture Center and Academic offices
  • Library/Learning Resource Center

David Anderson Chalet, Mt. Zion Ski Area - 1970

  • Ski Area Management Laboratory
  • Day Chalet for Community Skiers

Carl Kleimola Technical Center - 1973

  • Office of the Vice President of Student Services
  • Student Services
  • College Bookstore
  • Occupational Programs

Student Housing Facility - 1973

  • 48-unit student housing facility in existence until 1996

Jacob Solin Center for Business Education - 1991

  • Office of the Vice President of Academic Services
  • Gogebic County Economic Development Office
  • Continuing Education
  • Computer Labs
  • Business Department
  • Conference Rooms

David G. Lindquist Student Center - 1993

  • Gymnasium
  • Walking track, weight room and aerobics area
  • Student lounge and game room
  • Courtside Cafe and meeting rooms

Campus Suites - 2006

  • 24-unit student housing facility

Leadership over the Years

1932-52                Superintendent of Ironwood City Schools, Arthur E. Erickson
1952-66 Superintendent of Ironwood City Schools, Reginald Ernest Dear
1932-48 College Dean, Reginald Ernest Dear
1948-52 College Dean. R.D. Chadwick
1952-66 College Director, Jacob Solin
1966-67 President, Dr. James Lehman
1967-76 President, Dr. James Perry
1976-83 President, Dr. Rawdon Ernest Dear
1983-86 President, Dr. Robert Bennett
1987 Acting President, Janet Blanchard
1987-94 President, Dr. James Grote
1994-95 Acting President Thomas Cvengros
1995-2005 President, Dr. Donald Foster
2005-2007 President, Dr. Gary S. Wheeler
2008-2018 President, James Lorenson
2019-Present President, Dr. George McNulty