Transfer Assistance

Michigan Transfer Agreement:
The Michigan Transfer Agreement facilitates the transfer of students from community colleges to four-year colleges and universities in Michigan. By completing the minimum 30 semester hours of college level credit, students can fulfill a portion of the lower-division general education requirements at participating four-year colleges or universities. By carefully choosing courses, students can earn an Associate’s Degree from Gogebic Community College and complete the Michigan Transfer Agreement; however, students do not need to obtain a degree in order to earn the MTA designation.

Michigan Transfer Agreement Requirements:

To fulfill the Michigan Transfer Agreement, students must successfully complete at least 30 credits, with at least a 2.0 in each course. These credits should be met according to the following distribution:

  1. One course in English Composition
  2. A second course in English Composition or 1 course in Communications
  3. One course in Mathematics from one of three pathways: College Algebra, Statistics or Quantitative Reasoning
  4. Two courses in Social Sciences (from two disciplines)
  5. Two courses in Humanities and Fine Arts (from two disciplines excluding studio and performance classes)
  6. Two courses in Natural Sciences including one with laboratory experience (from two disciplines)

Click here to access a current list of MTA approved courses at Gogebic. 

Advanced Placement Program:

College course credit will be granted to students who participate in the Advanced Placement (AP) Program at their area high school and pass the Advanced Placement examinations with an appropriate score. Only those AP courses approved by Gogebic Community College faculty will transfer in as College credit.

A/P Equivalencies

College Level Examination Program:

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is administered by the College Board. CLEP enables those who have reached the college level of education to assess the level of their academic achievement and to use the test results for college credit. Students planning to transfer to a university should consult that institution’s CLEP policies before taking CLEP tests. Some institutions do not accept CLEP credits for some subjects, such as biology and chemistry.

Only the courses listed will be considered for transfer if the final score is 50 or higher.

CLEP Equivalencies

Military Training Credit:

Veterans who feel that training received in the military is applicable to their program of study may request that such training be evaluated for credit. The veteran must produce proper documentation that will be evaluated by the Transfer Coordinator based on the American Council on Education (ACE) credit recommendations. For more information, visit their web site at Veterans planning to transfer from Gogebic Community College to another institution should be aware that the institution may not accept the credit for military training given by Gogebic, but will usually wish to re-evaluate the training documentation.

Credit by Examination:

Regularly enrolled students may, in some subject areas, be able to earn credit for a course offered by the college by successfully completing a comprehensive examination or series of examinations.  Student who believe they have mastered a course through life experience, past training or intelligence may, at the discretion of the Division Chairperson, instructor and advisor, make application through the Office of the Dean of Students to take the examination if one has been developed in that subject area.

Transfer Equivalencies: 

Michigan Transfer Network 

Northern Michigan University

Michigan Technological University

Central Michigan University

Ferris State University

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Aspen University - RN to BSN

Articulation Agreements:

Ferris State University 

University of Wisconsin-Superior: Agreement of Transfer

University of Wisconsin-Superior: Social Work

Oakland University: RN to BSN

Northern Michigan University: BS Ski Area Business Management