Civil Engineering Technology

This program prepares graduates for careers in the civil engineering and surveying fields. As a Civil Engineering Technician, you examine and interpret prints and specifications; confer with contractors and owners to enforce contract specifications, building codes, safety standards and zoning ordinances; test soils, asphalt, and concrete and observe and inspect other related construction activities; perform land surveying and computer aided drafting; and observe building, highway and utility construction.


Fall Year 1     Spring Year 1
ORI 100 College Experience 1 CPL 200 Introduction to Computers and Microsoft Office 2
ENG 101 English Composition or DWG 106 Introduction to 3D Solid Works 3
ENG 105 Technical English or 3 EGR 102 Descriptive Geometry 2
MTH 106 Math for Engineering Technologies 4 PHY 121T Tech. Physics: Mech. And Thermodynamics 3
DWG 105 Intro to 2D AutoCad 4 CET 105 Introduction to Land Surveying 4
EGR 101 Engineering Graphics 2
CET 110 Construction Safety Methods and Inspection 3
Fall Year 2 Spring Year 2
Social Science or Humanities 3 Social Science or Humanities 3
DWG 200 Strength of Materials 3 CET 210 Hydrology and Hydraulics 3
DWG 201 Architectural Design 4 CET 220 Construction Materials Sampling and Testing 4
FOR 204 Introduction to GIS 4 CET 230 Construction Plans,Permits Specs., and Estimates 3
CET 205 Construction Surveying 3 CET 250 Civil Public Works Construction Capstone Course 3
                                                                           Total Credits 64