Gogebic Community College

Campus Suites Resident Awards

Congrats to the Recipients!

GCC campus suites

The Manager of Campus Suites, Kobe Lorendo, had incredible students living in the dorms this year and wanted to be sure to recognize them. Awards given included Most Involved, Stranded, KOBE!, Ray of Sunshine, and Resident of the Year.

students in front of the dorms with awards

Pictured Left to Right: Olivia Holnholt, Korben Anderson, Jonas Crowley, Masont Bennett, and Jasmine Redhouse

Most Involved - This resident can often be found having fun at many of the campus activities! Whether it’s playing VR or creating some activities of their own, they love to get out and have a fun time with others. This award was given to Korben Anderson!

Stranded - If I were to find myself stuck on a deserted island, this is the resident I would like to have with me! This resident is very personable, constantly cracking jokes, and I know whenever I’m with them, I’m going to have a fun time! This award was given to Olivia Hohnholt.

KOBE! – As the old phrase goes when you throw something away, Kobe Bryant was a basketball player with extreme dedication to the game so this award goes to the resident that can most often be found in the gym playing basketball! Both during games and in their free time, I’ve seen this person’s dedication and passion for the game. Day in and day out, this resident has practiced, striving to take a minimum of 1,000 shots every single day. He is a prime example of Kobe’s mamba mentality. This award was given to Mason Bennett!

Ray of Sunshine - This resident can often be found with a smile on their face and is the most likely resident to make somebody's day! Someone made a note that this resident has really made the dorms feel like home and they never fail to put a smile on my face. This award was given to Jasmine Redhouse!

Resident of the Year - This resident has made an outstanding contribution to the quality of resident life. Several factors and traits are considered for this award such as leadership, engagement, and academic performance. Furthermore this resident demonstrates the highest standards of attitude, character, and integrity. Throughout the academic year, this resident has put together ideas, has jumped in to lend a helping hand without being asked, and was one of the only people with at least one vote for nearly every award. Someone also made a note that they know they couldn’t have made it through the year without them. This award was given to Jonas Crowley.


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