CDL - 3 Month Program

GCC is offering a three-month (12 weeks) Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Class A course this Summer.

The program offers extensive classroom training, hands-on vehicle activities, and behind-the-wheel practice in preparation for commercial driver license tests. Topics covered include safety, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations, truck mechanical parts and components, vehicle inspection procedures, basic truck maneuvers, driving techniques and additional content.

The program is unique in its design which allows a student to enter the program without a temporary instructional permit. The college prepares the student to test for their temporary instructional permit and provide the education to test for their Commercial Driver’s License.

Reasonable ADA equipment accommodations are available.

When: May 14 - August 3

CED 160-1 Class A Tractor Trailer Basic Classroom 12:00pm - 1:53pm       Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
12:00pm - 1:23pm Thursday
CED 170-1 Class A Tractor Trailer Non-Driving Practicum     8:15am-11:45 am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
CED 180-1 Class A Tractor Trailer Driving Class 7:30 am -11:53 am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


Cost: $4,404 must be paid in full by first day of class

Call the GCC Admissions Office at (906) 307-1207 to enroll in this Continuing Education Course.