Important Questions

Financial Aid Questions You Need to Ask

1. How do I know when my financial aid file is complete?
Your financial aid file is complete if you have received your financial aid proposal from the Gogebic Community College Financial Aid Office. The award proposal will list the types and amounts of financial aid being offered. Apply for a federal student loan if you want to participate in the loan program and apply for college work-study if it is part of your proposal.

2. Does my financial aid pay for my total tuition/fee and housing bill or do I need to use some of my own personal money?
Financial aid is awarded based on your eligibility and not all students receive the same type or the same amount of financial aid. You need to review your financial aid proposal to determine the amount of financial aid you will be receiving. You also need to review your tuition/fee bill on My GCC. Do you have enough financial aid to pay for your costs?

3. When is my financial aid applied to my account?
Your financial aid is applied to your account after your financial aid file becomes complete and you register for your classes. Financial aid money is sent to the college, not to the student. Expense checks are released the sixth week of classes.  At that time, you can stop by the Business Office to pick up your check.  If you do not pick up your check, it will be mailed to you the next business day.  You also have the option of setting up the direct deposit of your check in to your personal account. This can be done through the GCC Business Office.  After this date, if you are eligible to receive additional financial aid, disbursements will take place on Fridays and expense checks will be disbursed the following week. 

4. Can I charge my books in the GCC Bookstore?
Yes, if you have money remaining after your tuition, fees and housing (if staying in campus housing) charges have been deducted. You are allowed to charge in the GCC Bookstore up to the amount of your credit balance. Charging in the Bookstore begins the first week in August for the fall semester and the first week in January for the spring semester.

5. Do I need to repay my financial aid?
You must always repay your student loans and you may need to repay your grants if you totally withdraw from school before the end of October (1st semester) or the end of March (2nd semester).

6. Can my financial aid be canceled for poor grades or for withdrawing from classes?
Yes. You must maintain a 2.0 grade point average, complete 67% of your attempted credits and not earn more than 95-115 credits (associate degree) or 45-85 credits (certificate) during your enrollment at GCC.

7. Are there classes or programs at GCC financial aid will not pay for?
Yes. Financial aid will not pay for ENG090, ENG091, MTH090, MTH091 or classes not in your program of study. Also, financial aid will not pay for the following programs: Certified Nursing Assistant, Cosmetology Instructor, Nail Technician, Emergency Medical Services Specialized Study, Early College and Ski Lift Maintenance/Operating Training.