College Work Study

Work-Study positions
are still available in the following area:

After school program


Please stop in the Financial Aid Office for details
(Room T104)

The Federal College Work-Study Program provides part-time, on-campus employment to you as long as you demonstrate financial need and provides you with work experience opportunities related to your academic program whenever possible.  Compensation generally is set at the minimum wage rate. You typically work 7-8 hours per week on a schedule mutually agreeable to you and your supervisor. GCC employs approximately 40 students in such places as the library, faculty offices, laboratories, student center, food service, maintenance, etc. You may earn an average of $1,800 per year.

Listed below are the terms and conditions of a student work-study position. You will receive the guidelines after you have been placed in a work-study job.


  • Report to your work place and introduce yourself as the work-study student. Supervisors are glad to have you and appreciate your assistance. You and your supervisor will jointly determine your work hours according to your class schedule. We ask that you follow your work schedule. If you are unable to work your scheduled hours, call your supervisor and discuss your circumstances. Your supervisor depends on you so it is very important that you keep your supervisor well informed. Your work-study job is a "real job" and is to be treated as such.
  • Your work-study employment must be performed on campus and under supervision. You are not allowed to work in any other department or for any other supervisor unless prior approval has been granted by the Director of Financial Aid.  Please work closely with your work-study supervisor so all of the regulations are followed.
  • No student can work during a scheduled class period, unless the class has been canceled
  • Your time sheet is kept by your supervisor and you should make sure it is completed and signed by the last day of the month. Time sheets should be completed in ink, using your full name. Nicknames or initials are not permitted. You and your supervisor both need to sign the time sheet. Signature stamps are not permitted. The time sheets are submitted to the Financial Aid Office by your supervisor the last working day of the month. If the submission of your time sheet is late, your paycheck will be late. Payroll checks may be picked up the 10th of the month in the Payroll Office
  • Taxes are taken out of your work-study check.
  • The amount of money you are awarded per semester will determine the number of hours you will work each week. You are able to earn the dollar amount which was awarded to you in your Financial Aid Proposal. Under no circumstance are you allowed to earn over that amount unless prior approval is granted by the Director of Financial Aid. Your financial aid eligibility will be in jeopardy if the procedure is not followed and any hours worked beyond the scheduled award will not be compensated. Your supervisor will be aware of your award and set up a work schedule accordingly.
  • Confidentiality of files and test papers is extremely important.
  • If you are terminated from your work-study job, you will not be placed in another position until the students who are participating in the program as well as those on the waiting list have been placed.
  • Remember: This is WORK-Study. You are paid for working here. You are fortunate to have the opportunity to study when it is not busy.

Options if you do not qualify for work-study:  JOB Opportunities