Refund Policy

A student who officially drops classes prior to the last day of the registration period of the semester enrolled shall qualify for a tuition/fee refund of 100%.  The last day of the registration period is normally the first Friday of the first week of classes.  No refunds are issued after this date unless the student is enrolled in a course in which the begin date (8 week courses) is later in the semester.  Nonattendance in these courses are also considered for a 100% refund if the student never begins attendance. 

Classes canceled by GCC will result in the student receiving a 100% tuition/fee refund.

A student is required to submit a drop form to the Dean of Student’s Office to receive the 100% refund for tuition/fees for the courses being dropped.  Failure to submit this form may result in the student receiving failing grades and/or loss of tuition/fee refunds. 

A student has a right to appeal the refund policy by contacting the Dean of Students Office. The student will be required to state, in writing, the reason for the appeal as well as any individual circumstances the student feels warrants the refunding of tuition/fees for the semester.  The appeal needs to be received by the Dean of Students Office no later than the Friday following the last day of the semester in which the course is offered.  Refunds are not retroactive to previous semesters. The appeal will be reviewed by a committee and the student will be contacted by the Dean of Students Office regarding the outcome.

A student who is receiving financial assistance under the federal Title IV programs or financial aid through other agencies mandating the recovery of the assistance will have the refunds calculated in accordance with specific agency regulations.  View the Return of Title IV Financial Aid When A Student Withdraws.