Computer Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

Access to computer systems and networks owned or operated by Gogebic Community College imposes certain responsibilities and obligations and is granted subject to College policies (including those in the student handbook) and local, state, and federal laws.

It is the policy of Gogebic Community College to maintain access for its community to local, national and international sources of information and to provide an atmosphere that encourages access to knowledge and sharing of information.

Access to the networks and to the information technology environment within GCC is a privilege and must be treated as such. Inappropriate use will result in a cancellation of those privileges. The administration, faculty, and staff of Gogebic Community College may request the system administrators to deny, revoke, or suspend specific user accounts.

All existing regulations are applicable to all users of computers and related technologies. This policy is intended to clarify those rules as they apply specifically to network usage.

Acceptable use is always ethical, reflects honesty, and shows restraint in the consumption of shared resources.

Gogebic Community College characterizes as unethical and unacceptable, and just cause for taking disciplinary action, removal of networking privileges, and/or legal action, any activity through which an individual:

  • Transmits any material in violation of U.S. or state regulations. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material; threatening, racist, sexist, pornographic, and obscene material; or information protected by trade secret.
  • Interferes with the intended use of the information resources.
  • Seeks to gain or gains unauthorized access to information resources.
  • Uses or knowingly allows another to use any computer, computer network, computer system, program or software to devise or execute any artifice or scheme to defraud or to obtain money, property, services, or other things of value by false pretenses, promises, or representations.
  • Destroys, alters dismantles, disfigures, prevents rightful access to or otherwise interferes with the integrity of computer-based information and/or information resources,
  • Invades the privacy of individuals or entities that are creators, authors, users, or subjects of the information resources,
  • Uses computer programs to decode passwords or access control information.
  • Attempts to circumvent or subvert system or network security measures.
  • Installs, runs, stores, downloads or otherwise introduces any unauthorized software on any Gogebic Community College computer system or network.
  • Engages in any other activity that does not comply with the general principles presented in this document.

In the case of any doubt about the acceptability of any specific use or operation of the Gogebic Community College computer network, contact the system administrator, instructor, or network lab technician for clarification.

Users of the Gogebic Community College computer network, when expressing opinions, should include a disclaimer indicating that the opinions of the author are not necessarily those of Gogebic Community College.

Gogebic Community College cannot monitor or control the content of information obtained on the Internet and is not responsible for its content. Users should assume that e-mail is not secure and/or confidential. Any and all use of any of the information obtained via the Internet is at your own risk. Gogebic Community College specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy and/or of any information obtained through its Internet services.

It is the responsibility of every user to protect his/her user ID, password, and system from unauthorized use. Each user is responsible for activity on his/her user ID or that originate from his/her system. Users will not lend their network/Internet account and/or password to other users.

Users must acknowledge their understanding of this general policy and guidelines as a condition of receiving an account and using the Gogebic Community College network to access the Internet.

The College considers any violation of acceptable use principles or guidelines to be a serious offense and reserves the right to copy and examine any files or information resident on College systems allegedly related to unacceptable use.

Gogebic Community College students and employees who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action as prescribed in this student handbook, and Board of Trustees Policy.

Offenders also may be prosecuted under laws including (but not limited to) the Privacy Protection Act of 1974, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 (18 USC 1030), the Computer Virus Eradication Act of 1989 (H.R. 5061, H.R. 55; amendments to 18 USC, section 1030), Interstate Transportation of Stolen property, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, and Act 53 of the Public Acts of 1979 of the State of Michigan. Access to the text of these laws is available by clicking on the aforementioned links or through the reference section of the College Library.