Alumni of The Year

Gogebic Community College Foundation Alumnus/Alumna of the Year Award

(Nominations should be submitted by September of this year)

Each year Gogebic Community College and its Foundation presents the prestigious Alumnus/Alumna of the Year Award to an alum who has completed at least one year of their education at GCC (JC). This award is based on his/her professional and personal accomplishments and service to the community. Please use the form below to nominate a co-worker, friend, spouse or yourself for the award. The Alumni Committee of the Foundation Board will review all nominations and submit their selection(s) to the entire Board for approval.


  • 1985 - The Honorable John P. Varda Class of 1935
  • 1986 - R. Gretchen VanStratum Birge Class of 1934
  • 1987 - Peter DeSantis Class of 1956
  • 1998 - John J. Krznarich Class of 1934, David E. McDonald, Jr. Class of 1973, Joseph A. Sullivan Class of 1935
  • 1999 - John A. Niemi, Ph.D. Class of 1952
  • 2000 - Dennis DaPra Class of 1965
  • 2001 - Arthur B. Hansen Class of 1943
  • 2002 - Joseph J. McKevitt Class of 1934, Ronald J. Niksich, Ph.D. Class of 1966
  • 2003 - Jay W. Johnson Class of 1963
  • 2004 - Vivian A. (Johnson) Bull, Ph.D., Class of 1953
  • 2005 - Julann (Wright) Griffin, Class of 1947
  • 2007 - Dr. Charlotte Ziem Pakonen Class of 1961, Dr. R. Rodney Pakonen Class of 1959
  • 2008 - David McDonald, Sr., Class of 1948
  • 2009 - Raymond Talaska, Class of 1947, David G. Lindquist, Class of 1955
  • 2010 - Rear Admiral Steven E. Day, Class of 1973
  • 2011 – James R. Milakovich, Class of 1969; Margaret Ann “Peggy” Malovrh, RPh, Class of 1977
  • 2012 – Dr. Mark DalPra, Class of 1973
  • 2013 – David J. Lucas, PhD, Class of 1973 and Marsha (Erickson) Lucas, Class of 1973
  • 2014 – Robert Baima, DDS, Class of 1973
  • 2015 – Carl E. Vaara, Class of 1959; Charles H. “Chuck” Gervasio, Class of 1970
  • 2016 – Randy DeMario, Class of 1982
  • 2017 – Matthew Kurta, Class of 2001
  • 2018 – Honorable Judge Joel Massie, Class of 1974; Rob Pairolero, O.D., Class of 1997
  • 2019 – David M. Lindquist, Class of 1977

Alumni of the Year Award Nomination Form


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For more information, contact the GCC Alumni Foundation Office at 906-932-4231, Ext. 202.
Or e-mail Kelly Marczak.