Mortuary Science

Nature of the Work

Morticians, also called funeral directors or undertakers, arrange the details and handle the logistics of funerals. Most are trained, licensed, and practicing embalmers. Embalming is a sanitary, cosmetic, and preservative process through which the body is prepared for internment.

The Program

The program at Gogebic Community College is designed to provide the general education core courses that are required to transfer to a college of mortuary science. The requirements set by the Michigan State Board of Mortuary Science include completing at least 60 semester hours at a recognized college such as GCC, graduating from a nine month course at an approved college of mortuary science, completing one year of resident training under the supervision of a licensed mortician, be 21 years of age, a resident of Michigan, a citizen of the U.S., and be of good moral character.

The Requirements

The following are the required courses necessary to receive an Associate Degree in Mortuary Science - 2 years:

Prefix First Year Courses Credits
COL 101 College & Transfer Readiness  1
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
ENG 102 English Composition II 3
CHM 101 General, Organic, and Biochemistry I 4
CHM 102 General, Organic, and Biochemistry II 4
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 3
Humanities Elective 3
MTH 110 College Algebra 4
SPE 101 Public Speaking 3
PSY 101 General Psychology 4
Total First Year Credits 32


Second Year Courses

BIO 101 Principles of Biology 4
BIO 102 Biological Diversity 4
ACC 201 Principles of Accounting 4
ACC 202 Principles of Accounting 4
HST 101 History of Western Civilization to 1650 (Fall)   4
ECO 201 Macroeconomics  3
ECO 202 Microeconomics 3
General Transfer Electives 6
Total Second Year Credits 32
Total Program Credits:  64

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