Faculty & Staff Directory

Room Numbers & Phone Extensions

In-House Phone Directory (PDF Format)

(906) 932-4231 

Role Name     Ext.        Room     
President Dr. George McNulty 201 A-200A
Vice President of Academic Services David Darrow 216 B-023A
Vice President of Business Services Chad Lashua 204 A-208
Vice President of Student Services & Athletics Dr. Jennifer Sabourin 210 T-108C
Administrative Support Staff
Role Name Ext. Room
Director of Workforce Development Glen Ackerman-Behr 234 B-023B
Executive Administrative Assistant to the President Roberta Anders 201 A-200B
Controller William Beltrone 203 A-209B
Director of Financial Aid Maryann DeCaire 208 T-104A
Director of Off Campus Operations Glen Guilbault  906-523-7932 Houghton
Director of TRIO and Accessibility Services  Leah Hagen 237 T-105C
Institutional Researcher Miranda Heglund 337 A-203
Director of Student Outreach and Engagement Dayle Jackson 271 T-105A
Director of Human Resources Debbie Janczak 324 A-212B
Director of Institutional Development & Foundation Executive Director    Kelly Marczak 202 A-201C
Director of Allied Health Nicole Rowe 342 A-304C
Director of Information Technology Steve Spets 341 B-106B
Director of Ski Area Management/Mt. Zion Operations Jim VanderSpoel 269 A-210
Director of Admissions, Marketing and Community Relations Kim Zeckovich 347 T-100D
Role Name Ext. Room
Allied Health Division
Certified Nurse Aide Tammy Carroll 906-523-7939 H-109
Nursing Karen Balyeat 295 A-309
Nursing-Houghton Melissa Helppi 906-523-7940 H-108
Nursing-Houghton Trevor Ploe 906-523-7935 H-106
Nursing Lisa Stratman 312 A-308
Business Division
Medical Coding and Billing Angela Kortemeier 245 B100-G
Computer Information Technology    Yolanda Lozano 243 B-100B
Business/Men's Basketball Coach Dennis Mackey 244 B-10
Business Kady Meinke 248 B-100E
Business Beth Steiger 247 B-100F
Language and Arts Division
English Cynthia Brandon-Slocum 906-523-7936 H-204
English Andrew Burt 289 A-320
English Peter McKenna 294 A-316
Math and Science Division
Physics/Physical Science Brian Anderson 261 A-108
Anatomy and Physiology Matt Gage 906-523-7938 H-107
Biochemistry Emily Geiger-Dedo 906-523-7937 Houghton
Mathematics Paul LaBine 906-523-7934 H-203
Chemistry Serena Mershon 266 A-106
Biology Chenin Limback 265 A-109
Forestry William Perkis 334 B-17
Mathematics John Sokol 282 T-110
Biology Maria Sokol 264 A-104
Mathematics Andrew Wirt 260 A-103
Social Science and Education Division
History 294 A-317
Psychology-Houghton Zackary Bowers 906-523-7941 H-205
Psychology Tara Tregembo 290 A-314
Criminal Justice Carrie Yon 291 A-318
Applied Technology Division
Building Trades Dennis Beaudette 215 C-100B
Welding Gary Gouin 906-307-1310 STB-103
Commercial Motor Vehicle (CDL) Connie Hicks 232
Commercial Driving Instruction Derrick Jeske 232 T-030
Mechanical Engineering Technology Dennis Svoke 231 T-029A
Automotive Jon Wirkmeister 236 Auto Shop
Cosmetology 226 T-030
Cosmetology 301 T-034A
Esports Coach  Adam Little 253 B-106A
Men's Basketball Coach    Dennis Mackey 244 B-10
Women's Basketball Coach Cole Schreiner 715-797-6846 L-132
Support Staff
Role Name Ext. Room
Administrative Assistant – Vice President of Student Services Jennifer Ansami     212 T-108
Financial Aid Counselor Shannon Anderson 254 T-104D
Registrar/Transfer Coordinator/Veterans Services Karen Ball 219 T-108B
Payroll Specialist Darlene Begalle 277 A-202
Allied Health Coordinator Robin Bock 268 A-304
Instructional Designer Danielle Boyette 314 B-100A
Administrative Assistant - Director of Admissions, Marketing &                               Community Relations Jesse Carroll 207 T-100
Administrative Assistant – Financial Aid Director Sharon Fleig 206 T-104
Administrative Assistant – Allied Health Director Wendy Hagstrom 345 A-304
Marketing Strategist Kari Klemme 224 T-100
Student Success Coordinator - Houghton Matt Laird 906-523-7930 Houghton
Network Administrator  Adam Little 253 B-106A
Campus Suites Manager Kobe Lorendo 267 T-109
Administrative Assistant – TRIO Director Angela Mazurek 252 T-105
Student Support Services Coordinator Kris Michel 339 T-105F
Accounts Payable/Purchasing Kristi Montonati 275 A-202
Technology Specialist Barry Nelson 255 B-107
Administrative Assistant - Vice President of Academic Services Mariah Partanen 343 A-304
Mt. Zion Operations, Supervisor Bill Perrin 906-932-5059 MTZ
Administrative Assistant – Off Campus Director, (Houghton) Patty Polakowski 906-523-7931 Houghton 
Student Outreach Specialist Monica Ramme    209 T-105
Samson's Canteen Manager Amy Tarro 308 T-101
Staff Accountant  Michelle Wasielewski 205 A-209
Career Counselor 217 T105E
Role Name Ext. Room
Maintenance    Chris Bentley 340 T-037
Maintenance Kurt Bucknell 340 T-037


Room Legend 

A Rutger Erickson Liberal Arts Center
B Jacob Solin Center for Business Education   
C Construction Technology
H Copper Country Center, Houghton
L David G. Lindquist Student Center
T Carl Kleimola Technical Center
MTZ    Anderson Chalet
STB Skilled Trades Facility