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Office of Student Housing

Living on campus can have many benefits for students traveling to GCC from distances near and far. Primarily, it provides a safe living space conveniently located right on campus. In addition to the personal living accommodations, students also share the housing space with many other students, creating an academically and socially engaging atmosphere.

Currently, Gogebic Community College has one on-campus student housing option for students, the Campus Suites, conveniently located steps away from the Lindquist Student Center and the rest of campus. The Campus Suites are set up with four students per suite. Each student has a semi-private bedroom, shared with another student, and the four residents share a kitchen and bathroom.

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Aside from the convenience of living within a five minute walk from classes, students in the Campus Suites can enjoy both the benefits of a residential community experience with more of the independence of an apartment. The Campus Suites provide the safety of a secure building and support staff on-site, along with the collegial and fun atmosphere of a residence hall. The building itself is located on campus, adjacent to the Lindquist Student Center, and is comprised of 25 suites, accommodating four students per suite with semi-private living spaces, a shared bathroom and full kitchen. Additional benefits include:

  • Utilities are included in the contract so you don't have to worry about soaring energy prices.
  • The costs of living in the Campus Suites can be covered by Financial Aid and payments are only made once per semester, so you don't have to worry about making a monthly rent payment.
  • It is convenient to live right by your classes and other campus activities and saves you gas money by not commuting.
  • The building is secure and community based.
  • Although you may have a car on campus, it is not a necessity.
  • Your classmates could be living in the suite next to you, making it easier to find a study buddy.
  • If you have questions about the school or the area, you would be living amongst second-year students, Resident Advisors, and a professional live-in staff member to help you transition and make the best of your experience.

The Campus Suites


  • 4 person semi-private suites, with furnished bedroom and dining space. Includes extra-long twin bed, desk/chair, clothes bureau, closet space, window coverings, dining table, and four chairs.
  • Full kitchen per suite. Includes a full size four burner stove top/oven, 16 cubic foot refrigerator, kitchen sink, and cabinet space.
  • Full bath space per suite.
  • Shared vanity space per room. Includes a large mirror, sink, and cabinet space.
  • Individually controlled heating/cooling unit per room.
  • Double key-entry and electronic surveillance for security.
  • Basic cable access per suite and in the common areas.
  • Laundry room on-site.
  • Individually assigned mailboxes on-site.
  • Free parking.
  • Live-in Manager of Campus Suites and resident assistants.
  • Activities, events, and opportunities for involvement and leadership.
  • Two group lounge areas with flat-screen televisions and snack machines.
  • Access to the Lindquist Student Center, which houses the gymnasium, weight rooms, walking track, exercise room, student lounge, and snack-bar.
  • Access to GCC computer labs, academic support lab, Mt. Zion, and the GCC library.


Each resident signs a contract for the entire academic year and will need to be enrolled in a minimum of 12 semester credit hours to be eligible. When applying and submitting a contract, each resident will pay a one-time application fee and security deposit. Once the resident moves into the Campus Suites, the security deposit converts to a damage deposit. Room is paid once per semester and covers all utilities except phone.

  • Application Fee: $25.00 (one-time)
  • Security Deposit: $200.00 (one time)
  • Double Room: $1,900 per semester
  • Single Room: $2,400 per semester

Financial aid can assist students with their housing costs should they choose to stay in the Campus Suites. If you have any questions about financial aid, please connect with our Financial Aid Office at (906) 307-1206 or visit


Campus Suites outside view
GCC's Campus Suites provide convenient on campus housing.
Campus Suites outside view
Main Entrance, handicapped accessible.
Campus Suites Kitchenette
Clean, convenient in-room kitchens.
Campus Suites bedding
Efficiency sleeping quarters.

Apply for Student Housing

Student Housing Checklist:
(This checklist is for those students interested in housing for the 2020-2021 academic year. If you are looking for more information for a different academic year, please connect with the Office of Student Housing, (906) 285-0452.

  • Complete and submit the Campus Suites Application and Contract.
    • The application, provided with this checklist, needs to be filled out completely as the answers help the office to place residents and to communicate those placements.
    • Return the application, either by mail or in person, to the Office of Student Housing along with the $25.00 non-refundable application fee.
    • The contract will either be mailed to the address listed on your application once it is submitted or will be included in your application packet. Return the signed contract to the Office of Student Housing. Please be sure to thoroughly review the content of the contract before signing.
    • Submit the $200.00 security deposit payment. The contract is not complete and a space will not be reserved until this payment is received. Once a student moves in to student housing, the security deposit converts to a refundable damage deposit.
    • Please note that once you sign and submit the Campus Suites Contract, you will be billed for housing for the entire academic year unless you cancel your contract prior to moving in to the Campus Suites or until you receive approval on a Contract Release Request.
  • Wait for notification regarding your housing assignment.
    • Once your application materials are received in full, a housing assignment will be made. Confirmation of your assignment will be mailed to the address listed on your application. As we have a limited number of spaces in student housing, reservations will not be made until a student has submitted a completed application, a $25.00 application fee payment, a signed contract, and a $200.00 security deposit payment. It is recommended that the application, contract, and correlating payments are submitted to the Office of Student Housing no later than July 1, 2021. Applications will still be accepted after that point but reservations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Contact information for your assigned roommates and suitemates will be included in your housing assignment when possible. If you want your contact information to be shared with your roommate or suitemates, please be sure to indicate such on the designated space in the Campus Suites Application.
    • As applications are received throughout the summer, the Office of Student Housing may need to make changes to your housing assignment after it has been made. You will be notified of these changes should they arise.

Don't forget to…

  • Apply for admission to Gogebic Community College, attend Orientation, and register for classes. To be eligible for student housing at GCC, you must be an admitted student and registered for 12 or more credits at the school. If you have any questions about your admissions status, please connect with our Admissions Office at (906) 307-1207.
  • Complete your Financial Aid paperwork for 2020-2021. Please review the checklist (Financial Aid Checklist) for more information and ensure you are applying for the 2020-2021 academic year. If you have any questions about financial aid, please connect with our Financial Aid Office at (906) 307-1206. 

Campus Suites Handbook

The handbook is provided online as a reference to help you learn more about the Campus Suites and maximize your residence hall experience. A physical copy will be provided to every room at the beginning of each academic year. The information contained in the handbook can help:

  • Enable you to become more familiar with the Office of Student Housing and more specifically the Campus Suites - its services, programs, facilities, staff, policies, and procedures.
  • Acquaint you with the philosophy and goals of student housing at GCC.
  • Inform you of many of your rights and responsibilities as a Campus Suites community member.
  • Serve as a reference guide.

As a prospective student, we encourage you to read through the handbook to have a better idea of what to expect during your experience. As a current resident, it is important that you have an overall understanding of the Campus Suites and student housing at GCC. Please take the time to thoroughly read it and become familiar with your campus home. Whether or not you choose to do so, you will still be responsible for knowing many of the policies outlined in the handbook. If you have any questions or concerns, the staff members in the Campus Suites and Office of Student Housing are valuable resources who can provide clarification and information to address those questions/concerns.

Campus Suites Handbook

For more information contact the Manager of Campus Suites
Phone (906) 307-1268.