Strategic Agenda Team

Glen Ackerman-Behr

Director of Workforce Development

Susan Beals

Board of Trustees Secretary

Mike Boerman

Director of Lindquist Student Center and Athletics

Cynthia Brandon-Slocum

English Faculty - Houghton

Stacy Brey

Director of Off Campus Operations - Houghton

Jesse Carroll

Student Representative

David Darrow

Vice President of Academic Services

Miranda Heglund

Committee Co-Chair/Institutional Researcher

Dayle Jackson

Director of Student Outreach and Engagement

Charly Loper

Community Member Representative

Rachael Hendges

Meeting Recorder/Administrative Assistant – VP of Academic Services

Nicole Rowe

Director of Allied Health

Beth Steiger

Committee Co-Chair/Business Faculty

Steve Spets

Director of Computer Services

Dennis Svoke

Mechanical Engineering Technology Faculty

Kim Zeckovich

Director of Admissions, Marketing and Community Relations