Student Information

Classroom/Campus Guidelines

Gogebic Community College takes the health of its students, faculty, and staff seriously. The following guidelines are in place to minimize the risk during the pandemic and will be strictly enforced:

  • Face coverings must be worn on campus and in classrooms
  • Everyone must practice social distancing in hallways, common areas, and classrooms
  • Students will receive one reusable, washable mask available from the bookstore
  • If a student cannot wear a mask for medical reasons, they will need to go through Accessibility Services for an accommodation
  • Students will be required to clean desk surface prior to and after use
  • Attendance and seating charts will be utilized on a daily basis for potential contact tracing


COVID-19 Preparedness for Students

  • Masks are required in all public spaces i.e., hallways, common areas, restrooms, classrooms.
  • Reusable/washable masks will be distributed at New Student Orientation.
  • Disposable masks will be available for students if they forget their reusable mask.
  • Signage has been installed to remind students to wash their hands, not to touch their face, use sanitizer, and to maintain a social distance from others.
  • Hand sanitizer is located in all common areas on campus.
  • Floor stickers have been installed to remind everyone to social distance.
  • Stairway directional signs have been installed to avoid cross contact with others to maintain social distancing.
  • Most high contact surfaces such as doors are now being held open or there is paper towel adjacent to the surface to minimize contact.
  • Increased repetition cleaning is ongoing throughout the day.
  • Students will assist in wiping down their desk upon entering the classroom and exiting the classroom to provide a sanitized surface (supplies are on hand).
  • Many classes have been adjusted to have multiple modalities for student to attend in-person, online, or via Zoom.
  • Large events on campus have been eliminated or minimized to reduce the exposure to students.
  • Study spaces on campus have been added to provide social distancing and to accommodate student needs.
  • Offices are currently open. Masks must be worn and social distancing must be observed.