Reopening Plan

Gogebic Community College Reopening Plan:


Gogebic Community College has utilized color to mark the levels of action and situational awareness based upon the response to and mitigation of the COVID-19 pandemic of the campus. These colors will be indicators as to the status of campus operations. The transition from one color level to another will be identified in the transition variables referenced in each color level description. All transitions between color levels as follows will be facilitated by the President in consultation with the administrative team and local health departments.


level indicator



Current Status           Green Level

  • Remote work requirement lifted, on campus work allowed for all employees 
  • Required daily health screening for employees continues

  • Health screening continues for visitors who utilize college facilities

  • In-person instruction and hybrid courses with appropriate protocols

  • Offices open to serve students with reduced capacity and safety protocols.

  • Remote student services may continue as needed

  • Outdoor events/gatherings allowed per current MDHHS orders – no capacity restrictions

  • Indoor events and gatherings allowed per current MDHHS orders

  • Face coverings required in keeping with MDHHS Emergency Order MCL 333.2253, MIOSHA requirements and/or college policy: - Not require for fully vaccinated - Required for unvaccinated

  • Social Distancing Protocols continue

  • Facilities cleaning and disinfecting routine continues


 Gogebic Community College has taken the following actions to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission among our students, staff and visitors:

  • A reusable cloth mask has been provided to all staff and will be provided for all students enrolled
  • Increased cleaning and sanitization is occurring on campus for the safety of all students, staff and visitors
  • Hand sanitizer has been placed across all campus facilities for use
  • Classrooms have been updated to accomodate social distancing
  • Acrylic screens have been installed in high traffic service areas and communication points to protect staff, students and visitors
  • Additional acrylic screens have been placed on campus in gathering places to provide protection for students
  • Clear signage has been installed to reinforce hygiene and hand washing to reduce the spread of COVID-19
  • Multi-modal class offerings have been designed to provide options for the student to attend in person or via distance education
  • Paper towel dispensers are adjacent to all bathroom doors to provide an option for non-contact with the door handles
  • Employees have been training on COVID-19 precautions and prevention
  • Signage has been installed to alert all those who enter campus that the College and State of Michigan mandates the use of a face mask if you are unvaccinated
  • Elevators will be posted to no more than two occupants
  • Wifi has been extended to the parking lots in Ironwood and Houghton for student access
  • Live chat has been added to the webpage to assist with questions

COVID - 19 Primary Contact for Ironwood: Erik Guenard 906-285-0090

COVID - 19 Primary Contact for Houghton: Stacy Brey 906-250-5409