Meetings and Events

Meetings and Events Guidelines:

I. Guidelines for In-Person Meetings and Gatherings
  1. If you are sick, please stay at home
  2. All entrants must complete a COVID-19 health questionnaire. Forms are available in the Human Resource Office and the Director of the Lindquist Center’s office.
  3. Masks are required when in common areas such as hallways, restrooms, stairwells, and when 6’ social distancing cannot be accommodated. Gogebic Community College recommends all organizers and participants bring masks to stay in compliance with this procedure.
  4. If any participant or attendee displays symptoms upon arrival or during a meeting or event they are required to leave.
  5. After any event held at Gogebic, if meeting organizer learns of an attendee testing positive for COVID-19, the organizer will notify all participants and Gogebic Community College, so they make take appropriate actions to handle their exposure. The meeting organizer will NOT disclose the identity of the participant who tested positive, only that there was a positive test.
  6. Gogebic Community College will label doors for entrance and exit to limit the cross exposure of participants.
  7. When available, there will be a supply of disinfecting spray or wipes and hand sanitizer for participants. If GCC cannot supply these items it will be up to the meeting organizer to provide these to comply with the procedures of the space rental. Gogebic requires that all organizers wipe down (disinfectant spray or wipes) all surfaces before and after the they are used (i.e. tables, doors, chairs, etc.).
II. Food and Beverage
  1. At this time, Gogebic Community College will not be allowing food or open beverages for participants at any meetings or gatherings in the Lindquist Student Center with the exception of individual beverages such as single serve bottled water.

III. Additional Items
  1. All meeting organizers must adhere to all sections of this meeting procedure or any updates as they become necessary.
  2. To reiterate, in the event that a meeting organizer learns of a participant testing positive for COVID-19, you will need to include GCC in your notification protocols and provide a complete list of every participant who attended the same meeting to Erik Guenard, VP of Business Services( or Ashley Paquette (
  3. Any questions or concerns about this policy should be directed to Mike Boerman, Director of Lindquist Student Conference Center ( or Erik Guenard (