Covid-19 FAQs

Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

The safety of our GCC community is our number one priority. Gogebic Community College is doing everything we can to safeguard our environment while providing a quality education. GCC continues to follow the CDC and State of Michigan guidelines.


GCC Procedures

  1. Students, faculty and staff must complete a health screening prior to traveling to campus. (Healthy Roster)
  2. Masks are expected in all public spaces on campus (i.e. hallways, common areas, restrooms, classrooms, etc.)


Is GCC having in person classes? 

GCC is offering in person classes both in Ironwood and Houghton. Distance delivery methods are also available in many classes to allow students the choice if they are not comfortable being on campus. Students have the opportunity to choose the delivery method that best suits their needs. The fall schedule is available on the college website and can be viewed at the following link:


Will the college classrooms be adjusted for social distancing?

The college plan includes reconfiguring classrooms to allow for CDC recommended social distancing so students can feel safe in the classroom setting.


What should students expect if attending classes in person?

COVID-19 Preparedness for Students

  • Disposable masks are available for students if they forget their reusable mask.
  • Signage has been installed to remind students to wash their hands, not to touch their face, use sanitizer, and to maintain a social distance from others.
  • Hand sanitizer is located in all common areas on campus.
  • Most high contact surfaces such as doors are now being held open or there is paper towel adjacent to the surface to minimize contact.
  • Increased repetition cleaning is ongoing throughout the day.
  • Students will assist in wiping down their desk upon entering the classroom and exiting the classroom to provide a sanitized surface (supplies are on hand).
  • Many classes have been adjusted to have multiple modalities for student to attend in-person, online, or via Zoom.
Study spaces on campus have been added to provide social distancing and to accommodate student needs.


Will all the doors be open to campus?

All entrances are open for student and community use. 


Is GCC open to the general public?



The Lindquist Student and Conference Center (LSCC) will operate under capacity limits and COVID screening criteria recommended by the State of Michigan and the CDC. The walking track will have a maximum capacity of 20 individuals at one time and the weight room will allow two individuals at one time. The gymnasium will be open for individual skill improvement (shoot baskets, dribble, run). No recreation competitions are allowed at this time. All visitors will need to conduct a self- screening to determine their eligibility to utilize the facility and will be required to disclose their name and phone number for contact tracing, if it becomes necessary, along with wearing a mask at all times and maintaining six-foot social distancing. 


What resources are available for online learning?

Brainfuse, an online tutoring platform is available to all GCC students 24/7. Zoom tutoring may also be available – please call ACES (906) 307-1209 for more information. 


Are the offices open?

Campus Hours:

  • Ironwood: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. CST Monday – Friday  
  • Houghton: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST Monday – Friday 
  • Closed Saturday – Sunday


Is WiFi available outside of campus for students?  

Ironwood: WiFi is available in all Ironwood Campus parking lots. Drive up with your device and you can log in at any time and have internet access.  

Copper Country Center: Students and/or faculty can access the internet in the BACK parking lot behind the Copper Country Center. The service extends to approximately the 12th row out (depth) of the parking lot. 


Are events canceled?  

No.  Event scheduling can be submitted here: 


What if I feel anxious and need to talk to someone?  

We recognize some members of our campus community may be directly affected by the virus without themselves being sick. The news, as well as the uncertainty, can feel unsettling. Some also have concerns regarding family members and friends in other areas who are sick or who are at increased risk.  

If you would like to talk with someone, support is available. Please contact Kris Michel, our Student Support Services Coordinator at (906) 307-1339.


I feel sick, should I get tested for the coronavirus?  

If you feel sick, do not come to campus. Call, Deanna Schwartz, COVID coordinator, at (906) 307-1345 for further information and instructions. Check the CDC website for symptoms and call your healthcare provider for further advice. Remember to call ahead so healthcare workers can advise you on whether it's necessary to schedule an appointment.


What is GCC doing to respond to the coronavirus situation?

GCC is actively monitoring the situation and will adjust operations accordingly. We are following guidance from the CDC, along with our local and state health departments and state government. We will continue to respond swiftly to information as it becomes available. Stay up to date by visiting this webpage frequently.


Are all facilities being regularly cleaned and sanitized?  

The college is taking extra precautions to keep our facilities clean to help protect our faculty, staff, and students, along with our community from the potential effects of this virus. 

Yes, our cleaning staff is cleaning and sanitizing daily across campus. We have increased our routine general sanitization protocols, putting increased focus on high-touch point maintenance, which includes push plates, door handles, manual faucets and fixture handles. This protocol is frequently used in medical and hospital environments.   


How do I get the latest GCC information?  

Be sure that you are signed up on our Emergency Notification system on the MyGCC student portal. Students are able to receive the information by email, phone or text or all of the above. You can also find the most up to date information on this webpage that is updated regularly.