InterCollegiate eSports

 The eSports program provides intercollegiate competition for students in a variety of competitive computer games.  Gogebic competes against colleges and universities across North America.  Gogebic’s eSports Arena allows spectators to watch the competitions live.  The Arena boasts high power gaming PCs for our team.  Many of our matches are also streamed online.

Gogebic is recruiting and selecting student players based on their gaming skills and their academic records. Team members must be enrolled full time and meet Gogebic’s academic requirements.  GCC’s eSport program fosters team building, effective communication and critical thinking in nontraditional ways.  These important skills are in high demand by employers and part of GCC’s Institutional Learning Outcomes.



Interested in becoming a Student eSports-Athlete at Gogebic Community College? Fill out this form.



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