Nature of the Work

Pharmacists dispense drugs prescribed by physicians and other health practitioners and provide information to patients about medications and their use. They advise physicians and other health practitioners on the selection, dosages, and side effects of medications. Pharmacists must understand the use, composition, and effects of drugs. Compounding - the actual mixing of ingredients to form powders, tablets, capsules, ointments, and solutions - is only a small part of a pharmacists practice, because most medicines are produced by pharmaceutical companies in a standard form and dosage.

The Program

The program at Gogebic Community College is designed to provide the general education courses that are required to transfer a university. A license to practice pharmacy is requires in all states. To obtain a license, one must graduate from an accredited college of pharmacy, pass a state examination, and serve an internship under a licensed pharmacist.

The Requirements

The following are the required courses necessary to receive an Associate Degree in Pharmacy -2 years:

Prefix First Year Courses Credits
COL 101 College & Transfer Readiness 1
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
ENG 102 English Composition II 3
BIO 101 Principles of Biology 4
BIO 102 Biological Diversity 4
CHM 151 General & Inorganic Chemistry I 5
CHM 152 General & Inorganic Chemistry II 5
MTH 112 Trigonometry 3
MTH 110 College Algebra 4
PSY 101 General Psychology 4


Second Year Courses

BIO 250 Human Anatomy 4
BIO 251 Human Physiology 4
CHM 201 Organic Chemistry I 4
CHM 202 Organic Chemistry II 4
MTH 150 Calculus & Analytic Geometry I 5
SPE 101 Public Speaking 3
Humanities Electives 6
ECO 201 Macroeconomics 3
Total Program Credits 69


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