Chemists search for and put to practical use new knowledge about chemicals. Many chemists work in research and development. Some also work in production and quality control in chemical manufacturing plants. Chemists often specialize in a sub-fields such as analytical, organic, inorganic, or physical chemistry. 

Student with Chemistry Equipment


The Gogebic Community College chemistry curriculum is designed to provide the general education courses that are required to transfer to a university for bachelor's degree completion.


Associate of Science – 2 years

Prefix First Year Course Title Credits
COL 101 College & Transfer Readiness  1
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
ENG 102 English Composition II 3
CHM 151 General & Inorganic Chemistry I   5
CHM 152 General & Inorganic Chemistry II 5
MTH 150 Calculus & Analytic Geometry I  5
MTH 151 Calculus & Analytic Geometry II 4
Humanities Elective 3
Social Science Elective  3
Total First Year Credits 32

Second Year Classes

CHM 201 Organic Chemistry I  4
CHM 202 Organic Chemistry II 4
MTH 152 Calculus III 4
PHY 251 General Physics I 5
PHY 252 General Physics II 5
MTH 220 Differential Equations 4
Humanities Elective 3
Social Science Elective 3
Total Second Year Credits 32
Total Program Credits 64

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