Forestry Technology

The forestry program at Gogebic Community College prepares the student to be able to join the workforce as forestry technicians or transfer and pursue a four year forestry degree. High school course work should include two years of algebra, and a year each of biology and chemistry. Math 104 Intermediate Algebra and English 101 English Composition I assessment testing is also required or ACT scores at acceptable levels may be substituted.

Forestry Machinery

Applicants who have not completed the necessary high school or college background should meet with the Department of Forestry Advisor to plan a General Education-Forestry plan to help prepare them for the program Students in this program wishing to transfer should work with the GCC Transfer Coordinator to determine the proper course schedule to ensure maximum transferability.

Associate of Applied Science - 2 years

Prefix Course Title First Year Credits
COL 102 College & Career Readiness 1
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
ENG 102 English Composition II or
ENG 250 Technical Writing 3
BIO 122 Botany 4
MTH 108 Practical Math or
MTH 110 College Algebra 4
MTH 211 Introduction to Statistics 3
FOR 105 Natural Resources Seminar 1
FOR 107 Field Technique 1
FOR 112 Vegetation of North America 4
FOR 113 Forest Ecology 3
FOR 228 Forest Health 3
Total First Year Credits 30


Course Title Second Year

Humanities/Social Science electives 6
FOR 200 Intern experience 2
FOR 203 Soil Science 4
FOR 204 Intro to GIS 4
FOR 207 Timber Harvesting 2
FOR 209 Multi-Resource Assessment 3
FOR 210 Biometrics & Data Analysis 4
FOR 221 Practice of Silviculture 4
FOR 226 Wildlife Habitat 3
FOR 227 Land Measurements/GPS 1
FOR 243 Wildland Fire 3
Total Second Year Credits 36
Total Credits: 66

Student Coring Tree

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