Gain the knowledge & skill to earn a MI or WI cosmetology license. Attain the training to earn a cosmetology instructors license or a manicurist license. Jumpstart your career by taking a refresher course.

Gogebic Community College's Cosmetology School is highly respected in the region for its innovative teaching techniques. This training program of 55 credits combines theory subjects with practical internship. The marriage of both forms of teaching gives the student a firm foundation for a successful future.

In this 1.5-year program, students spend the first ten weeks in class completing prerequisite courses before working in a salon atmosphere on clients. Many respected advanced educators visit the school to give demonstrations in their subject of expertise. Field trips are also taken to experience in-salon situations as well as, trade shows and seminars.

Upon completion of the 1500 hour course, our students are confident and prepared to pursue many opportunities available in the hair and beauty industry.

Some of these possibilities include the following:

  • Salon stylist
  • Salon owner
  • Salon manager
  • Salon styles directors/educator
  • Basic school instructor
  • Platform educator for product manufacturers
  • Make-up artist

These are but a few career opportunities that await the ambitious and determined cosmetology student.

Course Curriculum
The systematic approach to:
men's and women's haircutting
hair coloring techniques
chemical reformation: perming and relaxing
long hair design - braiding, twisting & coiling
The scientific approach to hairstyling, including iron curling and hair pressing
Scalp treatment techniques, facial manipulations, manicuring, artificial nails pedicuring, waxing
Upon successful completion of the cosmetology course, each student will receive a Gogebic Community College Certificate of Completion and will qualify to register for their state board exams.

The Manicuring Course
This course contains 400 hours, including 265 hours of practical training and 135 hours of theory. A step-by-step manicuring, pedicuring, and artificial nail procedure is taught and performed on the clients in the lab/student salon. Training on how to arrange equipment and materials in the lab/student salon on a manicuring table is included. A focus on safety and sanitation to prevent the spread of disease is featured.

Michigan laws and rules concerning manicurists are studied, as well as salon management, hygiene and occupational safety. A study of nail composition, its shapes, diseases, and disorders is learned. Chemistry is defined in all manicure, pedicure, and artificial nail procedure.

Teacher's Training Course
This course is 500 hours total, with 350 practical and 150 theory hours. The program provides a licensed cosmetologist with first hand experience on instructing cosmetology students in the classroom and in the lab/student salon. Training on how and when to demonstrate techniques, give lectures, use visual aides and have student workshops is included.

The student-instructor will assist students in GCC's salon by checking all services performed by students, greeting clients, formulating chemicals for hair color, perm waving, etc, guiding students at reception desk, and analyzing student progress and sanitation.

Included in the 150 theory hours are school rules, teacher's training books, equipment and uniform.

The training program also consists of curriculum planning, lesson plan development, and course outlines. Teaching techniques include instructional methods, demonstrations, discussions, and visual aides. Teaching aides, such as film/video/DVD, style selector pictures, chalkboard, models/manikins, textbook/workbook, computer, and 3-D analysis are used. How to design tests and evaluate a student's performance is taught. Laws and regulations of the state of Michigan are defined.

Refresher and Brush-Up Courses
These courses are designed to allow a licensed cosmetologist to take 35 hours or more of training in subjects of their choice. Any of these refresher courses will familiarize the hairdresser with techniques and services that they may have forgotten while not being employed in the industry for some time.

Services Available to the Public
Check out our student salon price list and package deals! All of our great services are performed by Senior Students.

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State-by-State Licensure Disclosure

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