Mechanical Design & Manufacturing Technology

Associate of Applied Technology

This two-year program prepares students to work as computer-aided drafters and designers. Students learn to prepare technical drawings used by workers who design, manufacture, build, and install numerous products. They also learn principles and theories of science, engineering, manufacturing, and construction for research and development of products.

Industrial grade computer aided design systems are utilized. GCCs Computer Aided Drafting and Design Program also has a State-of-the-Art 3-D Printer.

The associate degree can also serve as a prerequisite for students who want to transfer to a four year college in programs such as Product Design and Manufacturing Technology.

Employment opportunities as a computer-aided drafter/designer are numerous, and can be found in firms that design construction projects or do other engineering work such as manufacturing, transportation, communications, and utilities industries. Although opportunities exist locally, most positions are in areas where manufacturing industries are more prevalent.

Listed below are just some of the many companies that employ GCC's CAD graduates:

Bretting Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Cable Constructor Inc.
Caterpillar Inc.
Felker Brothers Corp.
G.E. Medical Products
General Foods
Greenheck Fan Corp.
Ironwood Plastics
Oshkosh Truck
U.S. Forest Service
Wausau Homes Inc.
WICK Building Systems
Wilson Tool International

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment of computer aided drafters/designers is expected to grow about as fast as the average for all occupations. Industrial growth and increasingly complex design problems associated with new products and manufacturing processes will increase the demand for these services. Further, computer aided drafters/designers are increasingly doing more work traditionally performed by engineers and architects, which increases the need. In addition to those created by employment growth, many job openings are expected to arise as employees move to other occupations or leave the labor force.

This following lists the required courses necessary to receive an Associate Degree in Mechanical Design and Engineering Technology:

Prefix First Semester Courses Credits
ORI 100 College Experience 1
DWG 108 Materials & Lean Manufacturing 4
DWG 105 Intro to 2D AutoCad 4
EGR 101 Engineering Graphics 2
ENG 101 English Composition or 3
ENG 105 Technical English or  3
SPE 105 Interpersonal Communications 3
CPL 200 Introduction to Computers & Microsoft Office 2

Second Semester Courses
DWG 102 Industrial Drafting 4
DWG 106 Introduction to 3D Solid Works 3
EGR 102 Descriptive Geometry 2
AMD 100 Introduction to CNC-QC 4
PHY 121T Tech. Physics: Mech. And Thermodynamics 3
MTH 106 Math for Engineering Technologies or   5
MTH 103 Introduction to Algebra  3

Third Semester Courses
DWG 200 Strength of Materials 4
DWG 201 Architectural Design 4
DWG 202 Tool Design 4
AMD 101 Introduction to Automated Manufacturing Design 4

Fourth Semester Courses
DWG 107 Advanced 3D SolidWorks 3
DWG 203 Machine Design 3
DWG 206 GD & T 3
IND 200 Industrial Seminar 6
Total Credits: 66-68

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