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Welcome! This is the Gogebic Community College site where you, the GCC Community, take on the role of instructor. We are asking for your guidance, input, and assistance in our self evaluation.

At Gogebic Community College, we are focused on learning but we realize that learning does not apply only to our students. As a living organization, we are also learning. Learning to improve our methods and processes to better serve the needs of the community we serve. We realize, as do our students, that learning requires openness, effort, interaction, self-reflection, trial and error, and most of all the desire to improve and grow. Learning is a continuous process for there is always something new to learn or an area to improve upon.

In adopting a commitment to continuous improvement, Gogebic Community College has chosen to follow an accreditation process through the Higher Learning Commission called AQIP or Academic Quality Improvement Program. AQIP focuses on continuous improvement in institutional effectiveness.

In order to provide GCC with the guidance that we are requesting, you will need background information on GCC's involvement with AQIP, GCC's self assessment and our current work in the area of quality improvement. To this end, a number of links have been provided. Please click on the links and review the content carefully. Then if you would, please provide comment on the sites reflecting GCC's processes.

2010-2011 AQIP

2008-2009 AQIP

2007-2008 AQIP

Links for further information

Provide your Thoughts

Please take a moment and give us your opinion on how we're doing.

Thank you for your time and willingness to help improve our service to you, the GCC Community.

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