Gogebic Community College

Press Release - April 17, 2012


In an effort to promote qualified employees, a number of curriculum adjustments in the Building Trades program at Gogebic Community College have been implemented. These changes now enable students who take the program and qualify for their Certificate of Completion to take the Builder’s Exam without any additional coursework.

Participants can sit for the test with having to complete the 60 hour licensure course. The Builder’s Exam is given in Marquette and Escanaba in the Upper Peninsula.

According to Ray Niemi, Program Instructor, “The adjustments in our curriculum were necessary to meet state requirements based on recent legislation for builder’s licenses. Our specific courses now also allow active contractors to complete the offerings to maintain their licensure.” All contractors are required to take a number of hours of training per three-year cycle.

“There is no actual requirement to do this at the college level,” said Niemi. “However, we felt that it was important for our students to eliminate the need for them to take further coursework prior to testing. It does make them much more marketable.”

To accommodate these changes, Niemi has also completed the required and is a certified instructor.

The program at Gogebic Community College provides two academic tracks for students. The Certificate option trains students in all aspects of residential building in two semesters. For those interested in becoming a contractor or managing a business, the Associate Degree option adds two additional semesters of coursework in English, math, business, and other courses to provide a well-rounded background for students.

Enrollment in the program is limited and applications for next fall’s program are currently being accepted.