Office of Student Housing

Living on campus can have many benefits for students traveling to GCC from distances near and far. Primarily, it provides a safe living space conveniently located right on campus. In addition to the personal living accommodations, students also share the housing space with many other students, creating an academically and socially engaging atmosphere.

Currently, Gogebic Community College has one on-campus student housing option for students, the Campus Suites, conveniently located steps away from the Lindquist Student Center and the rest of campus. The Campus Suites are set up with four students per suite. Each student has a semi-private bedroom, shared with another student, and the four residents share a kitchen and bathroom.

Why live on campus?

Aside from the convenience of living within a five minute walk from classes, students in the Campus Suites can enjoy both the benefits of a residential community experience with more of the independence of an apartment. The Campus Suites provide the safety of a secure building and support staff on-site, along with the collegial and fun atmosphere of a residence hall. The building itself is located on campus, adjacent to the Lindquist Student Center, and is comprised of 25 suites, accommodating four students per suite with semi-private living spaces, a shared bathroom and full kitchen. Additional benefits include:

  • Utilities are included in the contract so you don't have to worry about soaring energy prices.
  • The costs of living in the Campus Suites can be covered by Financial Aid and payments are only made once per semester, so you don't have to worry about making a monthly rent payment.
  • It is convenient to live right by your classes and other campus activities and saves you gas money by not commuting.
  • The building is secure and community based.
  • Although you may have a car on campus, it is not a necessity.
  • Your classmates could be living in the suite next to you, making it easier to find a study buddy.
  • If you have questions about the school or the area, you would be living amongst second-year students, Resident Advisors, and a professional live-in staff member to help you transition and make the best of your experience.

For more information contact the Manager of Campus Suites
Phone 1.800.682.5910 ext. 268