Honors Program

As part of its commitment to excellence, GCC developed the Honors Program to respond to advanced students' need for greater academic challenge and intellectual stimulation. GCC encourages all students to reach their goals; the Honors Program helps accelerated students realize their potentials.

Students who have demonstrated previous academic achievement are invited to apply to the Honors Program. They will find that the courses do not require more work, but challenge them in different ways. Instructors in honors courses encourage intellectual curiosity and independent study along with discovery, analysis, and team inquiry. Honors courses help students develop and apply their intellectual and creative abilities.

The program is designed for transfer students intending to go on to four-year schools. GCC monitors each course carefully for transferability to regional universities. In an effort to reach high achieving students in all GCC programs, GCC's Honors Program offers courses that are alternatives to general education course requirements.

The Honors Program provides a stimulating, challenging alternative for qualified, serious students at GCC. Participation in honors courses allows students to earn honors credits; completion of four or more honors courses is highlighted on students' transcripts. Transfer institutions and prospective employers will know that these students have met greater challenges.

Apply to the Director of Learning Support, located in the ACES Center.