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Important Financial Aid Information

  • Your financial aid proposal lists all of the financial aid you are eligible for at GCC. Review this proposal as soon as you receive it. It is not necessary to return the document. If you want to decline any of your financial aid such as a student loan and/or you believe you are eligible for other financial aid not listed in your financial aid proposal, contact the GCC Financial Aid Office. A revised award will be calculated after these changes have been submitted. You can view all of your financial aid and account information online at www.gogebic.edu, under My GCC.
  • If you believe you are eligible for a type of financial aid not listed in your financial aid proposal, please contact the GCC Financial Aid Office. There may be other requirements you need to fulfill or we may not have received notification from the various funding sources of your eligibility. We have awarded you all the aid you are eligible to receive as of the date on your proposal.
  • Your financial aid proposal is an estimate that is subject to revisions due to changes in your enrollment, correction of errors and omissions, adjustments because of false or misleading student information, receipt of outside scholarships, grants and loans, conflicting information, changes in the availability of funding, failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress and the requirements of state and federal law and institutional policy.
  • If after considering your resources and expenses you believe additional assistance will be necessary for you to attend GCC, you may want to inquire about additional loan options such as alternative loans, parent loans or Federal Direct loans (if not already received). Please call the GCC Financial Aid Office for further information regarding these loan procedures.
  • An estimate of your tuition/fee and book/supply costs is listed on your financial aid proposal. For a full-time student, this estimate is based on the student enrolling in 16 credits per semester. These costs will increase or decrease based on your actual enrollment status. You will not know the exact amount of your direct costs to GCC until you register for your classes and charges are generated. You will also owe GCC for your housing costs if you are staying in on-campus housing.
  • Your aid proposal is based on the financial information you reported on your FAFSA. You are entitled to an explanation of the award process, which includes your financial aid budget, expected family contribution and financial aid proposal. Questions regarding any aspect of this process should be addressed to the GCC Financial Aid Office.
  • You are required to report all changes in your financial status to the GCC Financial Aid Office. Adjustments may need to be calculated. This also includes the receipt of any grants/scholarships from outside of GCC such as a high school, MI Works, MI Rehab, WI CEP, etc.
  • You are required to pay your tuition and fees before you begin attending classes. Full payment is due the Friday of the first week of classes.
  • Grants, scholarships and student loans may be available for you to use to pay for your tuition and fee charges. This is in the form of estimated financial aid. If available, the aid amount will be stated on your billing statement. Any tuition and fee balance remaining after aid is used must be paid in full by the due date. If there is remaining aid on your account after all tuition/fee and room (if applicable) charges have been deducted, it can be used to purchase class related books and supplies in the college bookstore.
  • You may use cash, check, credit card or the GCC payment plan to pay any outstanding charges. Payments are submitted by mail or in person to the Business Office in Room 209 of the Rutger Erickson Academic Building or by calling 906-932-4231, ext. 205. Call the Business Office to receive information on GCC's payment options.
  • Financial aid is reconciled with your enrollment status each semester at the end of our drop period. Your official financial aid awards will be disbursed on your account after this time. (You must enroll in six or more credits per semester in your program of study to be eligible for student loans.) Student expense checks are normally disbursed the fourth week of classes. GCC deducts your tuition/fee, bookstore and campus housing costs from your financial aid before an expense check is released. Remember: first-time borrowers must wait 30 days to receive their student loan checks. Loan checks are also disbursed in two installments during the course of the semester for those students who are only borrowing for one semester. Your expense check may be released at a later date if you fall into one of these categories or you may receive a small expense check when the first round of checks are disbursed and the remaining balance when you become eligible.
  • If you totally withdraw from GCC or quit attending classes before 60% of the semester enrollment period has passed, you will need to pay a portion of your financial aid back to GCC and/or the federal financial aid programs. If you fail to begin attendance in any class, the class will not be counted in your enrollment status for financial aid purposes and you may need to repay a part of your financial aid back to the financial aid program. Repayment can occur at any time during the academic year, depending on the receipt of this information by the GCC Financial Aid Office.
  • GCC is required to establish satisfactory academic progress standards for our federal and state financial aid recipients. Satisfactory academic progress measures your performance by cumulative grade point average, completion rate of courses and maximum time limits to complete the program. If you do not meet these standards, you could be terminated from receiving any future financial aid. The standards are outlined in the school catalog and on the GCC website.
  • College work-study placements will be made in June/July and mailed to you along with the program guidelines.
  • You are not allowed to receive financial aid at two institutions during the same enrollment period. GCC does not participate in consortium agreements as the home institution.
  • You must enroll in classes in your program of study. Financial aid will not pay for courses that are not part of your scheduled program.
  • There are some courses and programs that are not financial aid eligible. You cannot receive financial aid for ENG090, ENG091, MTH090 and MTH091. You also cannot receive financial aid if you are enrolled in the following programs: Certified Nursing Assistant, Cosmetology Instructor, Nail Technician, Emergency Medical Services Specialized Study, Early College, and Ski Lift Maintenance/Operating Training.
  • You must complete the three steps in How to Apply for a Federal Direct Loan before any loan proceeds can be disbursed. Your financial aid proposal may have told you that you were eligible to receive a student loan. This does not mean you have applied for the loan. If you request a loan amount greater than what is listed in your financial aid proposal or you receive financial aid at a later date in excess of $500, you may be required to fill out a Budget Worksheet. Parent loans are also available. Contact the GCC Financial Aid Office for additional information and visit www.StudentLoans.gov. Student loans are only approved for educational expenses.

You must file a FAFSA every year. Financial aid is not automatically renewable.

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