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Campus Suites Handbook

The handbook is provided online as a reference to help you learn more about the Campus Suites and maximize your residence hall experience. A physical copy will be provided to every room at the beginning of each academic year. The information contained in the handbook can help:

  • Enable you to become more familiar with the Office of Student Housing and more specifically the Campus Suites - its services, programs, facilities, staff, policies, and procedures.
  • Acquaint you with the philosophy and goals of student housing at GCC.
  • Inform you of many of your rights and responsibilities as a Campus Suites community member.
  • Serve as a reference guide.

As a prospective student, we encourage you to read through the handbook to have a better idea of what to expect during your experience. As a current resident, it is important that you have an overall understanding of the Campus Suites and student housing at GCC. Please take the time to thoroughly read it and become familiar with your campus home. Whether or not you choose to do so, you will still be responsible for knowing many of the policies outlined in the handbook. If you have any questions or concerns, the staff members in the Campus Suites and Office of Student Housing are valuable resources who can provide clarification and information to address those questions/concerns.

Campus Suites Handbook


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