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Academic Advisement

The academic advising and counseling system at Gogebic Community College is coordinated through the Dean of Students Office. Guidance provisions consist of a two-part program at GCC: academic and career counseling from professional advisors; and advisory services from individual faculty members. Together these services are designed to assist students in matters relating to educational and vocational planning, adjustment to college, study habits and personal or social problems that may confront students during college attendance.


You will be assigned a faculty advisor after enrolling in a specific program of study. Your faculty advisor will: (1) Assist you prior to and during the registration process, so that you will enroll in courses relevant to your educational and vocational plans; (2) be available to assist you as you develop or revise your educational or vocational plans; (3) provide consultation for you regarding academic and personal concerns and make referrals, when necessary, to the Counselor, Transfer Coordinator, or Dean of Students. All official registration activity and changes in class schedules--additions or drops--must be approved by your advisor before official sanction is given by the Dean of Students.


You are expected to assume responsibility for your future by becoming familiar with the requirements of your selected program of study. If pursuing a transfer curriculum, you are expected to become familiar with the requirements of the institution to which you plan to transfer. Literature and catalogs of many baccalaureate institutions are available in the Dean of Students Office. It is your responsibility to know your Grade Point Average and to familiarize yourself with this college's catalog and student handbook. Advisors do not always have ready access to information on all of these matters; therefore, you must assume responsibility and see the Transfer Coordinator, divisional heads or deans about information which cannot be obtained from your advisor.


Crisis counseling is available to students for assistance with issues involving personal concerns, mental health, social problems, academic difficulties, or vocational indecision. The counselors and Dean of Students encourage students to seek assistance and to feel welcome to confer with them. For in depth, ongoing personal counseling, assistance is available for referral to various community resources.

Skills Assessment

If you have taken the ACT test within the past three years, submit your official scores to be used for course placement. If you have not taken the ACT, all new degree seeking students must complete the COMPASSŪ computer-adaptive college placement test prior to registering for classes. It quickly evaluates the student's skill level in Reading, Writing and Math so that we can place you into the appropriate classes. These assessment results are used for placement purposes only, not to determine acceptance.

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