Gogebic Community College

Computer Literacy Courses

CPL 100 - Introduction to Computers and Windows 7

This course is taught in the traditional classroom/lab format. Each class will run for 8 weeks, 1 night a week, in each semester. A new class will start about every 8 weeks. CPL 100 or "equivalent experience" is the prerequisite for all the other Computer Literacy classes listed below. After completing CPL 100, students are able to enroll in one or more of the Open-Entrance / Open-Exit courses below.

CPL 100 or equivalent experience is the prerequisite for all other CPL courses.

Equivalent experience can be determined by answering YES to ALL the following questions:

  1. Have you ever used a computer before?
  2. Are you comfortable using a keyboard?
  3. Are you comfortable using a mouse?
  4. Do you understand basic computer terminology?
    (Directories, Filenames, Devices, Hardware, Software)
  5. Can you Create, Open, Print, and Save a file?
  6. Can you manage computer files, directories, and disks? (copy, move and delete files)
  7. Do you have any experience using Microsoft Windows 7?

Open-Entrance / Open-Exit Courses

  • CPL 101 - Database with Microsoft Access 2013
  • CPL 104 - Spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel 2013
  • CPL 105 - Word-processing with Microsoft Word 2013
  • CPL 108 - Presentations with PowerPoint 2013
  • CPL 109 - Creating Web Pages with Expression Web 3
  • CPL 112 - Desktop Publishing with Publisher 2013

These courses are offered in an open-entry/open-exit learning environment.

Open-Entry/Open-Exit (OE/OE) means that:

  • Enroll anytime from the start of the semester to the 10th week. You must complete the class within the semester that you enrolled in.
  • There is no specific time and date to attend class; instead, complete your course wrok at your convenience within the college-specified time frame.
  • You set your own work schedule and will set aside at least two hours each week for completing the course work.
  • Meet with the instructor during the first week (check the instructor lab times for that semester) for a one-hour orientation to the class. You only need to choose one time to attend that first week of your class.
  • Work in the GCC computer labs and/or on your home at your convenience.
  • You learn at your own rate of speed.
  • A qualified instructor will assist you or answer questions with your course work during open lab hours.
  • Students wishing to complete the class in just a few weeks may do so. All course work MUST be completed at the end of the sememster in which the student registered. No incomplete grades are offered. Students should allow 16-32 hours of work to complete a course.
  • The Open Lab is available from 8 am to 6:45 pm Monday through Thursday, and from 8 am until 3:45 pm on Fridays.

For more information contact the Admissions Office
Phone 1-800-682-5910 ext. 207