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Electric Line Mechanic

Certificate Program

Utility/Energy Service Technicians touch the lives of almost every American on a daily basis. They construct new, and operate existing infrastructure that transmits and distributes electric, natural gas, communication and telecommunication services on a daily basis. The curriculum concentrates on hands on training as well as a basic background in math, computer science and the physical sciences. Students will be introduced to the Utility/Energy Services industry through core curriculum as well as lab and field exercises and visits to actual operating utility and associated business entities.

Nature of the Work

Utility/Energy Services Technician duties may vary widely, depending on the field of employment, but for the most part, the work is very physically demanding. Work often includes building or maintaining facilities in awkward positions from elevated work sites such as on a wood pole or steel structure. Some facilities are located underground and may include working in an underground vault or open trench. One thing is certain; Utility/Energy Service Technicians will be called upon to repair natural or man-made damage to electrical lines, gas lines, or communications and telecommunications facilities under any weather conditions, day or night.

What You Will Learn

Safety is always a top priority; students will learn safe and proper pole climbing, rigging and pole top construction techniques, and will be exposed to various utility entities under actual operating conditions. The math, science, and computer courses will help the student understand the theory and operating policies and procedures of the various industries with which they may be involved. A commercial driver's license (CDL) is usually mandatory for anyone planning to enter this field. Students will be provided with the information necessary to study for and complete the written portion of the commercial drivers license permit.

Employment Outlook

Upon completion of this program a student may expect to begin employment with a contractor, utility, or private business under an apprenticeship program that would usually last four years prior to becoming a journeyman. Normally, an employee in this field would be expected to work 40 hours per week, but that schedule may be subject to change depending on total workload, storm damage, etc. Sixty to 70 hours per week may be common at certain times of the year. The rate of pay for an apprentice is usually 60% of journeyman pay and varies from $10 to $15 per hour, depending on the field one starts in, geographic location, and other similar factors.

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