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Graphic Communications

Associate Degree Program

The Graphic Communications Program combines the creativity of graphic design and the technology of electronic publishing to prepare graduates for careers in graphic communications. The program trains students to prepare materials for print reproduction or web distribution.

Emphasis is placed on the use of the computer to assist in the generation, manipulation, and layout of text, graphics, and photographs into finished products such as newsletters, advertisements, books, pamphlets, brochures, or web pages.

Nature of the Work

Graphic designers prepare illustrations and designs for advertisements and displays such as those in newspapers, magazines, television commercials, and web pages. They also prepare store displays and signage, packaging for various merchandise, wallpaper and gift wrapping designs, greeting cards, and roadside billboards.

The work may involve drawing, sketching, painting, lettering, retouching photographs, making charts, maps, cartoons, artwork, client layout, or any two dimensional design intended to convey a message for a client. Artists may also be responsible for the overall layout and design of magazines, books, newspapers, journals, or other publications, and they may create television graphics and web pages. Whether freelance or employed by a firm, graphic artists use a variety of graphics, print, electronic, and film media to create art that meets a client’s needs.

Employment Outlook

Employment opportunities in the Graphic Communications field include:

  • Graphic Design and Desk Top Publishing
  • Photography
  • Electronic Prepress and Digital Imaging
  • Internet Technologies
  • Press Operations
  • Binding and Finishing


The national salary range for graphic artists is $24,000 to $36,600 per year. Salaries depend upon size and location of the firm, as well as responsibility level of the position.

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